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The power players job is to smash the ball, receive serves, and of course serve.

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Q: What does a power do in volleyball?
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Why is the power important for volleyball?

power is important in volleyball so that the opponent will have a difficulty in retrieving the ball. . .

What is the difference between power volleyball and volleyball?

One is faster than the other!

What are the positions in volleyball?

middle, setter, power

Physical Aspects Of fitness in volleyball?

well my sporting friends, power,stamina and agility are the aspects of volleyball

What has the author Janet Thigpen written?

Janet Thigpen has written: 'Power volleyball' -- subject(s): Coaching, Training, Volleyball

What are the ratings and certificates for Power Spike Pro Beach Volleyball - 2000 VG?

Power Spike Pro Beach Volleyball - 2000 VG is rated/received certificates of: USA:E

What is the difference between womens volleyball and mens volleyball?

in mens volleyball, the net is higher than in womens volleyball in mens volleyball, the net is higher than in womens volleyball girl vball is more a bout control, and boys is more about power and hitting it hard.....even if it get hit out of bounce!

What is the Power in volleyball?

A power is a position, a power hitter, also known as a left side since that is the position from which they hit on the court.

What are some muscular power activities?

swimming tennis wrestling volleyball

What is the definition of bumping a volleyball?

Bumping a volleyball is the action of passing the ball to a specific spot the court by using your arms as a platform and your legs to give you power.

What are the four main positions in volleyball?

There is only three. Setter, Middle and Power

What is the volleyball positions?

There are 5 positions: setter, middle, offset, middle, power and libero

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