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He wears normal underwear, some may wear an athletic supporter.

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No, the capote de brega is a large work cape. The capote de paseo is worn.

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Q: What does a matador wear under his suit of lights?
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Who might wear a suit of lights?


What does a matador wear when he fights a bull?

He wears a traje de luces - a suit of lights.

Why does a matador have to wear a certain costume?

He wears a traje de luces (suit of lights) which has become the traditional garb of the torero.

What do matadors wear in bull fighting?

The matador wears a traje de luces, or suit of lights, which is the traditional garb of the bullfighter. He also wears a special hat called a montera.

Why do matadors usually wear those outfits?

Matadors wear the traje de luces (suit of lights) which is custom-made and embroidered with silver or golden thread. It is the matador costume inspired by by 18th century Andalusian clothing.

Why does the matador wear red pink and black?

Matadors can wear almost any color they wish. However, because of superstitions, many will not wear a red suit or traje de luces.

What is the matadors outfit in bullfighting?

Toreros wear regular street clothes and nothing would distinguish them as being a bullfighter. They change into the traditional traje de luces in the hotel just prior to departing for the bullring.

What is best to wear under a clean suit?

clean underwear.

Who would wear a traje de luces?

The suit that the matadors wear is called el Traje de Luces or the suit of lights, it is titled this because of the sequins on it that make it appear to shine in the light.

What is a matador's fake ponytail called?

The coleta is the small pigtail that is the insignia of a matador. In the past the matador grew a coleta but today few even bother to wear a fake one.

Should you wear nothing under a morph suit?

Yes everyone does!

Is it proper to wear short sleeve shirt under a suit?

well dah.. ist the only way u wear a suit.. unless you want to be hot. and i mean in the gay way