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Stay as tight as they possibly can! Pinch the penny! Ride your cradles!

You will start holding each of your base's shoulders. The spotter should call out a start, which will be something like "1,2, down, up!" You will bend your knees on "down" and "jump" into the bases hands on up. Shove off of the bases shoulders, holding your full weight by yourself. On the next down up, the bases will give a little down movement, then push up. As they are going up, straighten your knees and lock them stiff. When you are at the peak of the elevator, squeeze your buttocks together (pinch the penny), hollow out through your chest, stay balanced at the balls of your feet, stiffen you legs as hard as possible! This will make it much easier for both you and the bases. hit a high V and smile!

If the elevator is followed by a cradle, wait for a signal from the spotter. They should say something like, "Ready? Cradle. 1,2, down, up!" When they say ready, move your arms to a T. on the 1,2, down, up, stay STIFF AS POSSIBLE! DO NOT TRY TO JUMP OUT OF THEIR HANDS! At the word "up" you will be thrown into the air. ride to the peak of the toss, then bring your legs up and together in the pike position. Make sure your arms stay tight in a T, you don't want to hit your bases! Stay stiff when you land, don't bend your knees- it looks sloppy.

CONGRATS! You just did a perfect elevator! good luck.

Sources: I am a Flyer- I go through this experience many times a week.

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The flyer has to lock out their whole body so that they are lighter for their bases to carry and easier to lift. They also need to smile and be energetic so that it looks like they are having a good time, even when they're scared. :) Good luck!

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Q: What does a flyer do in an elevator in cheerleading?
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Can a cheerleading captain be a flyer?

I don't see whynot

What is a female flyer?

A female flyer in cheerleading is the person at the top of a mount or usually called a pyramid.

What is a flyer for a cheerleading?

A flyer is the person being lifted/thrown into the air when in process of do in a stunt she/he is one out of 5 girls and one of the most important ----

Can you do an elevator in cheerleading with only 4 people?

yes. those four people would be the two bases, the flyer, and the backspot. that's only if you don't want a frontspot. a front spot isn't necessary, but some people like to have a frontspot just in case.

Should I be a tumbler or a flyer in my cheerleading squad?

Umm... I think you're confused. You can be both. Flyer are the person flying in stunts and tumblers do all of the flipping. You can do both

What is a cradel used cheerleading?

Acradle is a dismoutn from a stunt where the flyer is tossed and caught in the seated position

How light do you have to be a flyer for cheerleading?

It doesn't matter how much you weigh. It depends on if you have good balance and if you have strong enough bases. I know because I am a cheerleader and I have been a back spot base front spot and a flyer for cheerleading. You just need teamwork and strong cheerleaders!:)

What is a basket toss?

A basket toss is a cheerleading stunt in which three or more bases toss a flyer into the air.

While stunting the person that is lifted in the air is called a?

The person in the air is called a flyer. When the bases (people holding the flyer) hold the flyer up to there collar bone, its called an elevator It needs a flyer, 2 bases, and a back spot.

What is a build for cheerleading?

a build is when there are five people a front spotter a back spotter two bases and one flyer.

How many girls are in a stunt group for cheerleading?

Two bases, a backspot, a frontspot, and a flyer. So, 5 in all.

Is being a flyer in cheerleading good or bad?

Being anything in cheerleading is a good thing. You are privileged to be doing cheer as a sport because it takes a lot of hard work and determination to be anything in cheer. Being a flyer, everything is put on you to make all the stunts look really pretty by keeping a tight shape and locking out your knees and arms. Being a flyer you don't have to do a lot of the work just the icing on the top. Without the flyer there would be no stunt.