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The easy answer is to marry the guy that owns an NFL team

Any female can purchase an NFL franchise - there are no laws against it - but they will need about $1billion today

To play on an NFL team - she'll have to have a tryout - most teams DO have tryouts for undrafted players - before their spring training camp. Call the team - schedule to be there - and GO - and have fun!! If she is good enough - she'll be on the sidelines on Sunday. However this would be NEAR IMPOSSIBLE. A man's muscle mass is almost DOUBLE a womans - and a man is much larger than a woman - so if she can make a football team (maybe a kicker) - you can bet that she has earned the respect of her teammates

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they have to be good enough to play in college (usually division 1 but there are kids that make it from other divisions) and if they are good enough they can choose to enter the NFL draft where NFL teams will pick them based on their college performance. if they don't get selected in the draft and still want to play football they can enter into a Canadian football league and then possibly get noticed by and NFL scout one day.

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Q: What does a female have to do to get be on an NFL football team?
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