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Well, in football, the offense has "four downs" or plays to reach past ten yards. Once the team achieves this the down count restarts. If the team fails to reach ten yards, then the ball is turned over to the other team at that spot.

Conversely, if the team feels that the odds of reaching past ten yards on the fourth play are unlikely, they're allowed to "punt" the ball which consists of kicking it to the other team in hopes of gaining better field position.

They can also attempt a "field goal" on fourth down by trying to kick the ball threw the goalpost, if they are close enough for their kicker.

What an offense does on fourth down is very important and sometimes late in games they're forced to "go for it" or attempt a normal offensive play on fourth down, since their chances or having the ball again after punting would be limited or if a touchdown must be immediately scored to win.

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Q: What does a down mean in football?
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touch down(6 points)

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