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An advanced run. Difficult.

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Q: What does a black diamond represent on the mountain?
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Which Pokemon is number485?

Heatran. It can be found in Reversal Mountain in Black and White, and in Stark Mountain in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

When was Diamond Mountain Center created?

Diamond Mountain Center was created in 2000.

Where is the Black Diamond Library in Black Diamond located?

The address of the Black Diamond Library is: 24707 Roberts Drive, Black Diamond, 98010 M

Where is the Black Diamond Museum in Black Diamond Washington located?

The address of the Black Diamond Museum is: Po Box 232, Black Diamond, WA 98010

What colour is given to the most difficult ski runs?

Europe: blackAmerica: the symbol that that represent the most difficult ski runs is the black diamond

Is black diamonds really black?

Yes, it is a black diamond representing a black diamond.

How do you get heatrean in Pokemon black?

Heatran is unavailable in Gen V games, but is found in Stark Mountain post-game in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

Does black diamond sparkle?

A black diamond won't sparkle like a white diamond, but a very special black diamond, the Amsterdam Black Diamond is apparently a visually stunning stone. Read more, below.

Is there any triple black diamonds in Idaho for skiing?

Triple black diamond is a marketing thing, not a standard trail designation. The double black diamonds at Schweitzer, Bogus Basin, and Sun Valley are every bit as hairy as the triple black diamonds at the resorts that have them.

What is the mountain near the survival area in pokemon diamond?

stark mountain

What is the web address of the Black Diamond Museum in Black Diamond Washington?

The web address of the Black Diamond Museum is:

What does a black triangle usually represent on a map?

See the legend. There's no standard "meaning" for any color on a map, though it's pretty common that blue means water.