What does a Libero do in volleyball?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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A Libero is a volleyball player specialized in defensive skills.

The libero is allowed to "sub" in and out for a back-row player at any time without stopping the play. They are known for their defensive abilities. They are only allowed to forearm pass the ball when they are in front of the attack line. They are not allowed to play in the front row.

Liberos are signified on the court by wearing jerseys that contrast to the colors of their teammates.

Libero rules vary depending on the level of play. In the high school level of girl's volleyball, liberos can serve. In club however in juniors, liberos cannot serve. They may sub behind the ten foot line after the play has concluded without going to the substitution line.

A libero cannot attack the ball or else it is considered a "back row attack". They may hit they ball but may not jump above the net. If they hand set the ball in front of the ten foot line the hitter may not jump above the net to attack the ball or else it is also considered a back row attack, which is illegal.

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Q: What does a Libero do in volleyball?
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What is the other term for defense specialist in volleyball?

Libero Libero

Who is the libero of Philippine Volleyball national team in Volleyball?


Does the libero wear a different color top?

The Libero in Volleyball is like a GoalKeeper in Soccer, The Libero is the most skilled defender in Volleyball. And in the rules of volleyball the Libero must wear a contrasting outfit to the team

What is a libero tracking sheet?

A libero tracking sheet is used in volleyball to mark down when the libero comes in and out of the game and who he/she goes in or out for.

Is a libero in volleyball allowed to set?

Yes, the libero can set. However the libero may not block, attempt to block, or serve.

What position does L stand for in volleyball?


What is the Name for the special substitute in volleyball?

The Libero

In volleyball is there always a libero?

There is not always a libero. It is the coaches decision to have or not to have a libero, just like it is his or her choice to field any other position on the team.

What are the girls who wear different color jerseys on the volleyball team?

She is the Libero (sp?) She plays only plays back row.

What is the name of the player in volleyball that only bumps?

A Libero, or Libro.

What is a ds in volleyball?

Defensive Specialist Sometimes called a libero

What is an LDS in volleyball?

lds stands for libero or defensive specialist