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Alternate captain. Hockey players with a "C" (captain) or an "A" are the only players that are supposed to communicate with referee's on the ice.

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Q: What does a A mean on the Chicago blackhawk jersey?
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Why are the Chicago blackhawk jerseys red?

The jerseys are red because that is the main color of the Chicago Blackhawks jersey, and that is how it worked into the color scheme.

Why a WWW on Chicago Blackhawk Jersey?

The WWW patch on the Blackhawks' jersey represents the initials of William Wadsworth Wirtz, the team's owner who passed away on September 27, 2007, prior to the start of the 2007-08 season

When did blackhawk play with green jersey?

On St. Patrick's Day is when they use there green jersey's.


Who is bobby Hull

Who is the leading scorer for Chicago blackhawk in playoffs?

Bobby Hull

Where did the Chicago Blackhawks get their name?

Cheif Blackhawk was an Indian who lived near Chicago. So they decides to name it after that.

Where online can one purchase Blackhawk gear?

You can purchase Chicago Blackhawk apparel and gear on the official NHL shop. You can also purchase Blackhawk jerseys and t-shirts in the clothing section of most major retail chains.

Which Chicago Blackhawk scored the most goals?

in history Stan mikita

What song Chicago blackhawk fans sing?

"Chelsea Dagger" by The Fratellis

Does Chicago Blackhawk player Patrick Kane have siblings?

Yes, he has three sisters.

Who has scored the most playoff goals in Chicago Blackhawk history?

Bobby Hull

Who was the Chicago Blackhawks goalie in 1990?

In 1990, one of the Blackhawk's goalies was Ed Belfour.

What is the name of chicago's blackhawk's head coach?

The current head coach is Joel Quenneville.

Does Chicago Blackhawk player 88 have siblings?

Yes Patrick Kane (#88) has 3 sisters

Who sang national anthem today NFC Championship?

The guy that sings at the Chicago Blackhawk games.

Where can one purchase a Chicago Blackhawks hats?

One can purchase a Chicago Blackhawks hat on Amazon or Ebay. Or, you can simply google Chicago Blackhawk Hat and there should be numerous sites which sell it.

Who is the tallest CHicago Blackhawk player currently playing?

John Scott #32 is 6'8" 258 lbs

Where can you find a Niklas Hjalmarsson shirt?

The Blackhawk Store in Chicago, or anywhere sports memorabilia/t-shirts are sold.

Who was the last Chicago Blackhawk to wear a helmet?

That information has not been found out yet, but many are still trying to find that out.

Which Chicago Blackhawk got a bloody hand after getting hit by Joe Thornton in a face-off?

Dave boland

What was Michael Jordan's jersey?

His jersey was 23 for the Chicago Bulls

Does Michael jordon own part of the blackhawk hockey team?

No, Michael Jordon does not own part of the Chicago Blackhawks Hockey Team.

How much were Chicago Blackhawk season tickets in 2009-10 season?

They are $50 in the standing area, and it increases as you move closer to the glass.

How much are Chicago blackhawk tickets?

It depends on what kind of tickets you want for Chicago Blackhawks. You can get tickets starting at $45. You can pay anywhere up to $145 for a 3 day pass or $2200 season passes.

If you are a Chicago Blackhawk fan who is your favorite player?

If you are a fan your favorite player is probably either Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, or Marian Hossa.

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