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It's just another name for the positions of the players. If a person say someone is in at 1, that means he's playing point guard. If someone says a person is in at 2, they're in at shooting guard.

1=point guard (PG)

2=shooting guard (SG)

3=small forward (SF)

4=power forward (PF)

5=center (C)


^^ All that info is true....but its the wrong answer...

A two for one is used at the end of the period to ensure a team gets the last shot. In the NBA for example, if there are 40 seconds left in the period, a team (even if they have a full shot clock) will shoot/score within the first 10 seconds, the other team will then get the ball with 30 seconds on the game clock and 24 seconds on the shot clock ensuring the team that scored first, and successfully executed the 2 for 1 gets the ball back with at least 8 seconds to score another basket.

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Q: What does a 2 for 1 mean in basketball?
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