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VTT = Velo Tout Terrain

Velo = bicycle

Tout = all

And terrain don't really need to be translated

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Q: What does VTT mean in relation to mountain biking in french?
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What does le VTT mean?

mountain biking

Is football more popular than mountain biking?

Regardless of which football you mean, yes.

What does mountain waves mean in relation to its affect on the weather?

It means that you are stupid

What does montagne in french mean?

'une montagne' is a mountain in French.

What does Piedmont mean in french?

The foot of the mountain.

What does Vermont's name mean?

It means Green Mountain-based on the French: Vert Mont

Does the french word exquis mean horse?

exquis means exquisite, delicious in French. There is no relation to horses.

What does l'alpinisme mean?

Mountain-climbing or rock climbing, in French

What does mantagne mean in french?

I think you may have spelt it wrong. If you mean montagne then it means mountain, but there is no such thing as " mantagne" in the French language.

What french words mean green and mountain?

Green = vert Mountain = montagne so green mountain = montagne verte

What state comes from two French words that mean green and mountain what is your one word name?

Vermont. In french, vert=green, mont=mount, montagne=mountain.

How do you say I like biking in spanish?

Me gusta viajar en bicicleta ('motocicleta' if you mean (motor-)biking)