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TPX is one way Louisville Slugger indicates the bat is made for Baseball.

TPX = baseball
TPS = softball

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Q: What does TPX mean on baseball bats and gloves?
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When did Louisville Tpx Omaha Baseball Bats start?


What is the didifference between tps and tpx?

TPS is softball, TPX is baseball

Which one is better a tpx Triton baseball bat or a easton stealth baseball bat?

TPX Triton Probably the Triton but the '08 stealth is still pretty good.

What bats better tpx exogrid or a rawlings 5150 exogrid?

The tpx exogird because it has way more pop.

When is the tpx 2012 exogrid coming out?

All the popular 2012 baseball bats usually come out at the end of the season. Why i dont know.

What is called a baseball glove?

there is T-ball, Soft ball and even cricket is a "form" of baseball

What baseball bats do the little league world series use?

Easton's power brigade series, the Easton omens, demarini cf4+5, tpx exo grid 2 and combat b1/2/3/4

Is a big barrel b2 combat better than a tpx Triton?

When broken in right combat baseball bats beat all others for feel,pop and price

What is the RGB equivalent of Pantone TPX 15-1611, TPX 15-1614, TPX 18-5621, TPX 18-5622?

TPX 15-1611 = rgb(215,162,164) TPX 15-1614 = rgb(208,149,158) TPX 18-5621 = rgb(57,114,98) TPX 18-5622 = rgb(80,129,109)

Should you buy the 2010 voodoo black or 2010 tpx H2?

2010 H2 because it has more pop when you hit the ball than the voodoo and TPX always has a warranty on their bats.

What are the best baseball bats?

Demarini, Tpx, Easton, or Rawlings are the best. My high school is sponsored by nike and they sent us a $400 2010 bat and i tried hitting with it, and it wasn't that great. Try to stay away from nike bats.

How can you convert pantone c to tpx?

You can use pantone website color system cross-referencing.