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When broken in right combat Baseball bats beat all others for feel,pop and price

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โˆ™ 2010-05-04 06:32:54
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Q: Is a big barrel b2 combat better than a tpx Triton?
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Is a Louisville Triton better than a Combat B2?

well i say Triton. well depends. the big barrel is better. but not the small barrel. not by much though.

What is better War Rock or Combat Arms?

War Rock is better than Combat Arms. War Rock has better graphics and more guns. Likely to say it's a lot better. More people play War Rock than Combat Arms.

Is blackshot better than combat arms?

Both combat arms and blackshot is a nice game. blackshot is better than combat arms.But if u ask me which is the BESTarmy game is A.V.A.U see in youtube Ava is way better than blackshot.!Ava the Best game ever!!

Is warrock better than combatarms?

combat has better graphics than warrock warrock is cool warrock suks combat arms rated 9.5/10 warrock 4.1/10 so warrock suks combat arms suks

What is a better baseball bat Combat b1 or b2?

b1 is way better more pop and way more durable but i would get a Anderson or is you want a cheaper bat that is better than the combat get a stealth speed nike aero fuse or Sv12 the combat b1 is pretty good but Anderson techzilla is by far the best bat on the market.the combat b2 isn't that good doesnt have that much pop as other bats. but if u want the combat get b1 the best little leagure bats are 1.Anderson techzilla 2. TPX Triton 3.Sv12 4.Nike Aero Fuse 5.Stealth Speed 6. Demarini f3 or f4 7. combat b1 8. Catalyst plus or catalyst x1 9. EXO grid 2010 10. combat b2 or combat b3.

Runescape is a god staff in melee better than rune?

No, Rune Scimitar is better than a God Staff in melee combat.

Is the new h2 hybrid baseball bat better than the catalyst?

catalyst but i would strongly recomend the Triton

Is crossfire better than combat arms?

Yes,crossfire does not lag.Ihave play combat arms before and it lags a lot. crossfire does not.

Is a short barreled bb gun better than a long barreled?

No. the longer barrel will preform better.

Which rank is better on ace combat?

The Ace Combat ranks that I am familiar with are as follows: C: Lowest possible grade B: Better than a C A: Better than a B S: Better than an A and the highest possible grade. I believe that the "S" rank stands for "Superior".

Is Halo Combat Evolved anniversary better than halo reach?

I have played and beat them both on all difficulties, both are challenging, however Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary is more challenging so that makes H.C.E.A. better than H.R.

Is neptunes moon Triton bigger than mercury?

No Triton is smaller than Mercury but it is bigger than Pluto

Will a two barrel carburetor on a 302 ford get better fuel economy than an efi?


Do they make big barrel techzillas?

i heard that sports chalet has a few $300 each big barrel techs!! my freind just got 1 and its much better than the small barrel

What is better Halo 3 or halo wars?

Halo 3 because first hand combat is a lot better than strategy

Neptune moon Triton is bigger than Pluto?

Triton is larger than Pluto. Pluto's equatorial diameter is 2,274 km. Neptune's moon Triton's equatorial diameter is 2,700 km.

Which is better in combat Half Track or Tank?

They have much different purposes, and you would not want to use one to fulfill the role of the other. A half track is more of a logistics vehicle than a combat vehicle, so, based on that notion, the tank would certainly seem a much better combat vehicle.

Best horse for barrel racing?

the best horse for barrel racing is the American Quarter horse but not all of the quarter horses are excellent for this some are better than others.

Are Triton Ganymede and Titan larger that Mercury and Pluto?

They are larger than Pluto, but only Titan and Ganymede are larger than Mercury. Triton is smallerthan Mercury.

Is Neptune's moon Triton larger than earth's moon?

No, Triton is about half the size of Earth's moon.(The volume of Triton is 47.29% the volume of Earth's moon.)

Are turtle beach headsets better than Triton headsets?

This is a matter of opinion.In my opinion I say the Turtle Beaches are better. Since it is for gaming, and is far more comfortable with better sound quality.

What is better exp cocroaches or armoured zombies?

Are they the same combat level? If they are it doesn't matter, and if one is higher than the other, fight the one with the higher combat level. It has more experiance. :D

What is the mpg on a 2000 Ford F-150 with a Triton V8?

Below I'll put a configuration. 2000 Ford F-150 XLT, Crew Cab, 4x4, Trailer Tow Package, 5.4L Triton V8. 12mpg city / 18mpg highway It could be even worse than that. The new redisigned 5.4L Triton V8s get 20mpg highway and 15mpg city. That's a lot better.

Is the 204 better than the 22-250 rifle?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Depends on barrel twist, bullet weight, etc..

Is there a danger if your shotgun has a small bulge on the barrel?

DO NOT FIRE UNTIL CHECKED BY A GUNSMITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Better safe than sorry.