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The last 16 teams in the tournament to decide the championship.

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Q: What does Sweet 16 mean in college basketball?
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What does the sweet 16 mean in college basketball?

There are 32 games for each conference. Then when there are 16 teams left, they all play each other until there are 8 teams. Then the 8 teams play for the final 4. And then the final 4 play, and the final 2 play for the Championship.

How many sweet 16 appearances has the Kentucky basketball team gone to?


Which school has the longest current sweet 16 streak in the NCAA basketball tournament?


How many times has KU made it to the sweet 16 in the NCAA basketball tournament?


What team is currently ranked number 16 in mens college basketball?

Michigan is ranked 16

How many college basketball games can you play before you can not redshirt?


How many basketball championships have the Hurricanes won?

None. Their best showing was the Sweet 16 in 2000.

When do does Tennessee boys play Michigan in the basketball tournament?

Tennessee boys will play Michigan in the 2014 Sweet 16 basketball tournament on March 28th.

Number of Sweet 16 appearances by the North Carolina Tar Heels men's basketball team?


During the 1994 NCAA tournament the Hoosiers advanced to the sweet 16 but lost to what team?

Boston college

What has been the most amount of double digit seeds in the sweet 16 in the NCAA basketball tournament?

Since 1979, 56 double digit seeds have made it to the sweet 16. It is a relatively common occurrence with the amount of upsets associated with the tournament. The most double digit seeds to make it to the sweet 16 was in 1999 as 5 seeds of 10 or more made it.

Do guys have a sweet 16?

Yes, guys do have Sweet 16's.

Does a Browning Sweet 16 always have Sweet 16 stamped on it?


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You don't you have to be baptized to have a sweet 16.

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what IS a sweet 16 well it is when a GIRL turns 16 and has a great big deal about itt

Who is the winningest college basketball coach?

Pat Summitt of the Tennessee Lady Volunteers with 1,068 wins as of 3/16/2011.

Has the university of Nebraska ever won a national championship in men's basketball?

No, they have only been to the Sweet 16 once. And that was when there were only 32 teams in the tournament.

What are things that come in groups of 16?

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Is the Ohio State basketball team the best in college?

Yes they do because they are definitely in the Sweet 16. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That depends on your opinions and allegiances. In my opinion, they are pretty close to being the best but I am biased. Others disagree and think that Duke or Kansas are the best teams in college basketball. It should also be noted that "best" is a relative term and it could be argued that various teams are the best at different aspects of the game.

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what is the value of a browning sweet 16 no. 51003

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