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SG = Softground
FG = Firmground
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Q: What does SG and FG mean on football boots?
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What football boots does Joe Hart wear?

Joe Hart wears the Umbro Geometra Pro. usually SG but he has been seen wearing FG.

Where can you find a pair of Nike Mercurial Velocity Junior SG football boots?

online or in any sport shop that has soccer/football boots/cleats

What does mean AG mean?

Sg is soft ground fg is firm ground so ag is any ground eg astro grass or 3G du get me du got me .... Good

What rugby boots should you wear if you play flyhalf?

A flyhalf should wear a pair of boots that a lite and a boot with of centered lacing or a tongue this is handy for the kicking side of 10. I have played stand of for 6 years and always wear puma boots at the moment i have Puma V-konstruct II SG and Puma V1.06 FG. Have a little style to show you are a confident player.

Are there any nike veloci v sg boots for one pence?


How much do the orange mercurial cost?

It really depends which sort of base you buy, there is the SG, FG, and AG. The Vapors would cost the most but if you are going to get the Nike Mercurial Vapor IX FG Orange cost around 159.99 Euros but for Vapor AG its also 159.99 Euros but for the SG, it cost around 169.99 Euros.

What is 14K SG gold?

Solid Gold

What does 14K SG mean on jewelry?

Solid Gold

What does 18ks stamped in a ring mean?

Platinum SG of 20

What does duration mean in a research study?

swag swg sg

What does sg poids specifique mean in an MSU?

specific gravity

Where can you get Nike mercurial vapor v sg?

u mean the nike mercurial iv sg..rite?? you can get them at ebay..thats where i got mine.

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