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how did roberto clemente get opportunity

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Q: What does Roberto clemente do to help the people of Nicaragua?
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What did Roberto Clemente do to help the people from Nicaragua?

Roberto gave medicene and food to them

Where was Roberto Clemente going when he died?

He was going to nicaragua to help people because of the earthquake that happened there.

Was Roberto Clemente retired when he died?

NO, he was only flying to help the survivors of the Nicaragua earthquake.

How does Roberto Clemente help the Spanish people?

he help them to bring inspire in there life

Who did Roberto clemente help?

Roberto Clemente helped a lot of underprivileged people during his life time. As you may know he died in a plane crash, the plane was bringing supplies to earthquake victims in Managua, Nicaragua. He also helped a lot of people in his home country which in Puerto Rico also other Latin countries.

What are Roberto Clemente's personality traits?

because he was a good person

Did Roberto clemente help charities?

of course he did to honor and help puerto rico

Did Roberto clemente have a girlfriend?

The rumors are that yes, he had a girlfriend. In fact, on the night of his death, he was flying to meet with his girlfriend after having a fight with his wife. In Puerto Rico, New Year's Eve is a huge holiday that is spent with close family. For Roberto Clemente to decide that he was going to fly on New Year's Eve to go anywhere, is highly implausible. He was, however, a great humanitarian. Thus, when he died, his manager developed the plausible cover story that he was on a mission to help the people of Nicaragua after an earthquake. The earthquake occured on Dec. 23rd. So, one would wonder why Roberto Clemente waited 1 week to go to help the people of Nicaragua on the day of one of the most celebrated holidays in Puerto Rico.

How did Roberto Clemente help the community?

helped with the younger children providing clinics

Where did Roberto Clemente going when his plane went down?

He was going to a Caribbean island to help people that lost their homes due to an earthquake.

Did Roberto Clemente help anybody?

Kind of a silly question, isn't it? Anyone who is old enough to walk and carry things is capable of lending someone a hand. Wouldn't the late Roberto Clemente have helped somebody at least once??

Why is Roberto Clemente famous for?

He died trying to help others. And was great at baseball. And was very hospital :D We miss him :'(

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