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Islam has no opinion on football.

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Q: What does Islam say on playing football?
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How do you say i like playing football in french?

J'aime jouer au football.

Where is he playing football at?

He is playing football where there is football.

What can you say in a presentation about football?

you can say alot of things.. here is a list of things you can say what is football rules of football why you like it benefits of playing the game famous footballers all these points can be included in your presentation

How To Say Playing Football In French?

"jouer au foot / jouer au football" Americans call football "soccer"; Europeans call the American football game "American football"

How do you say welcome in Islam?

Islam is a faith not a language.

What is correct the boys are playing football now or the boys is playing football now?

The boys are playing football now.

How do do you say I love you in Islam?

Islam is not a language .

How do you say hows it going in Islam?

Islam is not a language.

What you do playing football?

nfl football, who is playing tonight,nov. 10,13

Why do people hate football?

lots of football players had injuries while playing football so when other people hear about their accidents the get scared to show their fearthey try to say any pathetic or bad rumors like i hate football or football is so easy no one like playing it

How do i say i love you in Islam?

Islam is not a language. It is a religion.

How do you say i love you in Islam?

Islam is a religion,not a language

How do you say Heavy in Islam?

Islam is a faith not a language.

What are the Dangers of playing arena football?

the dangers of playing arena football are the same as if you were to play outdoor football

How do you say the how may i help you in Islam?

you do not say how may i help you Islam is a religion not a language.

Is Cody paul still playing football?

yes he is playing football still

What are the positive effects of friction?

- Say if you are playing football, the ball would carry on rolling if it wasn't for football. - It can stop a car, when it brakes are being used.

What does Islam say about sucking?

It is a hateful activity. It is not liked in Islam.

How do you say you're welcome in Islam?

Islam is a faith not a language.

Who is the captain of Bangladesh football team?

Mohd Mamunul Islam

What year did auburn start playing football?

Auburn started playing football in 1892.

When did the world start playing football?

When did the world start playing football I think that the world started playing football in the Tutor times they used a inflated pigs stomach.

When did John Madden start playing football?

He started playing American football in 1958 for the eagles.

Is cafu still playing football?

Yes Cafu is still playing football for a club in Brazil.

What part of body does playing football help?

Playing football helps the biceps, triceps, and quadriceps.