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Q: What does Fernando Torres do before he became a famous footballer?
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Who did Fernando Torres play before Chelsea?


What team did Fernando Torres used to play for?

Fernando Torres played for the Spanish Club Athletico Madrid, before joining Liverpool.

Before Fernando Torres who was Liverpool fc record signing?

Djibril Cisse was Liverpool's record signing before Fernando Torres But Djibril Cisse was RUBBISH!! :P

What team was Fernando Torres in before Liverpool?

He was at Atletico Madrid

Have Fernando Torres and Fernando llorente played together before?

Yes they played together for Spain.

How many games had Fernando Torres played with Spain before the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Fernando Torres had played 107 times for Spain before the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

What team did Fernando Torres play for before Madrid?

Torres began his career in madrid. He's never played for any club before.

What team did Fernando Torres played before he came to Liverpool?

he was in Atletico Madrid

How many goals did Fernando Torres score for Atletico Madrid?

In 244 appearances, Fernando Torres scored 91 goals, before he left the club to sign with Liverpool in the summer of 2007.

What is the name of Fernando Torres's movie?

The Brazilian actor Fernando Torres had been in several television and movies over the many years of his career. The last movie he did before his death in 2008 is titled "Redentor".

Who is 9 for Liverpool?

Liverpool's current number 9 is Andy Carroll and before him was Fernando Torres

Who is the third party that places the money inside the cases before show time on Deal or No Deal?

Fernando Torres

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