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The player had 4 hits in 5 at bats during the game and 1 of those hits was a home run.

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Q: What does 4-5 with a home run mean?
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What does lead off home run mean in baseball?

It means you started the inning off with a home run.

What is a lead off home run?

It can mean a couple of things. Typically, a lead off home run is hit by the first batter in the first inning of a baseball game. It could also mean that the first batter in an inning hit a home run.

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Who was the only 20th century catcher to win a home run title twice?

Johnny Bench of the Cincinnati Reds won the National League home run title with 45 in 1970 and 40 in 1972.

What does HR in baseball mean?

HR is a statistical abbreviation for Home Run.

What does it mean to give up a home run?

'Give up a home run' is a term for a pitcher who has thrown a pitch that a batter has hit for a home run. When a batter hits a home run you might here the announcer say 'That was the 4th home run given up by [pitcher] this season'. That means the pitcher has thrown four pitches that batters have hit for home runs.

Who Is the 1969 home run leader?

National League- Willie McCovey 45 American League- Harmon Killebrew 49

What happens to the mean of the home run data if the number of home runs for the first season is ignored?

It changes

What does it mean when a baseball player points to the stands?

That he plans on hitting a home-run.

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