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Calories is a measurement of energy. Calories listed on food tells you how much energy there is in that food. Calories listed on an exercise machine will tell you how much energy you've used up.

One calorie is a tiny, tiny amount. A cupcake can easily be more than 400 calories.

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Depends on how hard and how long you ride, can be anything between 300-1 200 calories/hour,

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Q: What does 1.0 calories means on a stationary bike?
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Different activities you can do and how many calories your burning?

Walking - 200 calories per hour Jump Roping - 100 calories per 10 minutes Elliptical Machine - 200 to 300 caloires per hour (depends on speed and resistance) Stationary Bike - 100 to 150 calories per 45 minutes. Hiking - 300 to 500 caloires per hour (depends on intensity) Swimming (Leisure) - 100 calories per 30 minutes Swimming (Laps) - 150 calories per 30 minutes Swimming (for Fun) - 100 to 200 caloires per 30 minutes

If you ride a bike at 20mph for 10 minutes how many calories will you burn?

Depends on how hard you were pushing. Hard enough to get sweaty and winded, maybe 80. Whatever you do, 10 minutes isn't going to use up any useful amounts of calories.

How many calories does riding a stationary bike for 10 minutes burn?

The degree of resistence will determine how much. You would have to account for your weight, the weight of the bike, the surface you're riding on, the material, density and texture of the tires you're riding on, the angle of the surface you're riding on...It's subjective, so has no one right answer.

How many grams of sugar you should consume?

The World Health Organization?s recommends that 10% percent of your total calories come from sugars. Here is how the math breaksdown:1200 calories, 10% = 120 calories = 30.0 g of sugar1300 calories, 10% = 130 calories = 32.5 g of sugar1400 calories, 10% = 140 calories = 35.0 g of sugar1500 calories, 10% = 150 calories = 37.5 g of sugar1600 calories, 10% = 160 calories = 40.0 g of sugar1700 calories, 10% = 170 calories = 42.5 g of sugar1800 calories, 10% = 180 calories = 45.0 g of sugar1900 calories, 10% = 190 calories = 47.5 g of sugar2000 calories, 10% = 200 calories = 50.0 g of sugar2100 calories, 10% = 210 calories = 52.5 g of sugar2200 calories, 10% = 220 calories = 55.0 g of sugar2300 calories, 10% = 230 calories = 57.5 g of sugar2400 calories, 10% = 240 calories = 60.0 g of sugar

How can you burn 26 calories within 1 minute?

This could be difficult. On a very high resistance setting, using a exercise bike can only burn around 10 calories a minute.

How many calories do you need to burn to lose 10 pounds?

first off all you should be aware that if you burn 3 500 calories that means you have lost 1 pound so hence if we do the math 3 500 * 10 = 35 000 calories is your target for losing 10 pounds!

What is the weight of a bike?

My bike is 10 kilograms.

How many calories in 10 ounces of peppers?

Calories in 10 ounces of peppersApprox 60 calories in 10 ounces of green peppersApprox 80 calories in 10 ounces of yellow peppersApprox 90 calories in 10 ounces of red peppers.

How many calories burned on a 25 mile bike ride?

It depends on how much effort you have to put in. An average ride is approx. 110 calories per mile. However, a hard ride can be much more than that. For more information, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

How many joules in 10 calories?

41.87 joules in 10 calories.

What is a 10 Speed Racer?

a 10 speed racer is a dirt bike a 10 speed racer is a dirt bike

How many calories in 10 green grapes?

Calories in 10 green grapesThere are:Approx 34 calories in 10 seedless green grapes.