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That number (-3, -5) is called the bat 'weight drop' and is the difference in ounces of bat weight versus inches in bat length. For example, a 33 inch long bat that weighs 30 ounces is a -3. A 33 inch bat that weighs 28 ounces is a -5. A 34 inch bat that weighs 27 ounces is a -7.

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it's the length compared to weight. -3 bat means 33inch 30oz bat

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Q: What does -3 -5 -11 ect mean on a baseball bat?
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What does the -11 mean for fast pitch softball bats?

It referrers to the drop of the bat or the weight. If you have a 32 inch long bat and a -11 drop the bat weight is 21 oz. If you have a 31 inch long bat and a -11 the bat weight is 20 oz.

What does -11 mean on the easton 2010 synergy crystal scl1b bat?

The -11 is the 'drop' of the bat and means that the number, in ounces, of the weight is 11 less than the number, in inches, of the length of the bat. If the bat is 30 inches in length, the -11 signifies the weight of the bat is 19 ounces. If the bat is 32 inches in length, the -11 signifies the weight of the bat is 21 ounces.

What is the best baseball bat for a third grader?

a demarini -13,-12,-11 or -10 drop

What is the difference between a -11 and a -12.5 for a youth bat?


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What is the difference between -10 and -12 baseball bats?

the difference is that if you have a 30 inch bat the weight is 10 ounces less than the length on a -12 its 12 ounces less than the length. in high school and college aluminum bats have a -3 ratio.

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What does -11 mean on a baseball bat?

It stands for drop 10. The drop of a bat depends on what the length and weight is. You find out the drop by subtracting the weight from the length. So if your bat was 32 inches long and 22 ounces then it would be drop 10 (-10) if your bat was 32 inches and 25 ounces then it would be drop 7 (-7)

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