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Q: What dodger pitcher broke a 62 year old record when he struck out 29 batters in the 1965 world series?
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Who was the 1919 World Series MVP?

There was no MVP Award back then. The Awards started in 1955, when Dodger pitcher Johnny Podres won it.

Who was the most recent pitcher to strike out six consecutive batters in the World Series?

Randy Johnson in the 2001 World Series

What pitcher holds the record for most World Series games lost?

Whitey Ford has the most career World Series losses by a pitcher with 8.

What baseball pitcher in the 1926 World Series won game 2 of the Series by retiring the last 21 Yankee batters?

In the 1926 World Series, St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Pete Alexander won game 2 by retiring the last 21 Yankee batters.

What pitcher struck out TWELVE batters in World Series game and still lost?

Josh Beckett

What pitcher has the record for most world series games played?

Whitey Ford

What years were the dodger in the World Series?


What MLB Pitcher holds the record for most strikeouts in a four game World Series?

Sandy Koufax.Koufax, of the Los Angeles Dodgers, struckout 23 batters in the 1963 World Series against the New York Yankees. Koufax pitched a complete game in Game 1 striking out 15 batters. He pitched another complete game in Game 4 striking out 8 batters.

What pitcher holds the record for decisions in a single World Series?

Decaon Phillippe of the Pittsburgh Pirates with 5 in the 1903 World Series (record was 3-2). That series went 8 games.

What pitcher holds the World Series record for most consecutive scoreless innings?

Annessa Duran(:

Who was the LA Dodger relief pitcher in Game six of the 1959 World Series?

Chuck Churn was the relief pitcher for the LA Dodgers in Game six of the 1959 World Series. Second answer based on a baseball card names Larry Sherry as brilliant in relief in Game 6.

What pitcher holds the record for most World Series games won?

Whitey Ford of the New York Yankees holds the MLB record for World Series pitching victories with 10.

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