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I normally wore a Bike jock without the cup, but sometimes my Baseball compression shorts.

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โˆ™ 2008-08-31 10:57:46
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Q: What do you where under your singlet?
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What do girls wear under a wrestling singlet?

Answerwhen i have my singlet on i were boys/men under-armer or a sports brawl even if it is a singlet made for girls because boys/men will pull it downloveskylar white

Do wrestlers wear something under the singlet?

Usually a jock strap (with no cup), or underwear, or both.

What do wrestlers wear under their singlet?

Usually a jock strap (with no cup), or underwear, or both.

What is singlet and doublet?

A singlet is a sleeveless dress-like piece of clothing worn under a piece of clothing, somewhat like a slip. A doublet is a male jacket, and has not been popular since the 17th century.

Which is a better electrophile singlet nitrene or triplet nitrene?


Do young wrestlers wear anything under singlet?

Usually a jock strap (with no cup), or underwear, or both.

How do you stop wrestling bulges?

wear a jock with a hard cup, or wear tight speedo under the singlet.

How many neutrons does singlet oxygen have?

8 Neutrons in singlet oxygen

What do wrestlers wear under a singlet as the privates show a lot?

Usually a jock strap (with no cup), or underwear, or both.

Where can I get this One Direction Singlet from?

This is the singlet by the way http://24mediatumblrcom/tumblr m09d7s9dsn1qg7w0qo1 500jpg

What do they call an under shirt in Great Britain?

I believe an undershirt (US) is known in the UK as a vest. Or is that a singlet (US)?

Is this a male wrestling singlet?

we can not see the singlet but chances are its unisex. girls just have to were sports bras with lower cut styles

Is a singlet a shirt?

Yes a singlet is a shirt. It is a women's shirt which has tight fabric and very thin "spaghetti" straps. It is essentially a camisole.

What clothing is worn in field hockey?

for girls usually a skirt and a t-shirt or a thick strap singlet and for boys shorts and a singlet

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Why triplet to singlet transition does not occur?

bcause singlet transition have higher energy than the triplet,,,,,,,,so energy flow farword direction

What wrestling singlet was used in the 2008 Olympics?

A very cool and unique ASICS brand custom singlet. Not available for public sale unfortunately.

What is the difference between boys wrestling singlet and girls?

The fabric on boys wrestling singlets are generally cut lower under the arms and on chest than girls singlets.

Which words begin with sin?

sing, single, singlet, singnature, sink and stuff like that sing, single, singlet, singnature, sink and stuff like that

Can you wear a singlet in the river?

Yes you can.

How do you say singlet in spanish?


What is the definition of the term 'singlet'?

It is a sleeveless shirt which is worn under a shirt or without a shirt. It is also similar to tank tops as well. They come in many different colors too.

What is a piece of clothing without sleeves?


Where can one purchase a singlet?

Singlets can be bought at many online retailers, including City Sports, Dick's Sporting Goods, Under Armor, Victoria's Secret, Brook's Running, and Sears.

Where could one buy a wrestling singlet?

You can get a wrestling singlet from a number of sources. You can try a local fitness and clothing store to start. Failing that, you can get great deals on Amazon or eBay.