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A bathing suit for starters, a rash guard, or most surfers wear nothing under.

A common additional item to wear under a wetsuit is a one piece lycra suit. The benefits of this are that it makes the wetsuit easier to put on and off, and the lycra doesn't compress. For instance someone diving a 5mm farmer john (2 piece) wetsuit and a 2mm lycra dives deep enough that the wetsuit has compressed to half its original thickness. This diver now has 2.5mm of wetsuit covering their legs and arms, 5mm covering their core (chest, stomach.) Now when you add the 2mm from the lycra which hasn't compressed there is actually 4.5mm on the legs/arm and 7mm over the core area. A diver in a 7mm farmer john at the same depth is left with 3.5mm on the legs/arms and 7mm over the core. If you double the depth at this point the 5mm and the lycra gain a lead over the thicker wetsuit. The free aditional benefit to this item is that you may be able to get rid of some extra weight as you can use a thinner wetsuit which will require less weight to get you under.

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Q: What do you wear under a wetsuit?
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Should you wear a cup in a wetsuit?

I wear a cup under my wetsuit when I wakeboard. I am learning flips and raleys right now so to protect myself I wear a cup.

What do you wear under your wetsuit for surfing?

I would suggest NOT wearing your swimsuit on under your wetsuit. It will bunch up and leave you in a world of discomfort. Instead wear a spandex like short under your wetsuit - i prefer Helo shorts (it's a brand). Then wear your boardshorts on OVER your actual suit. At least that's how we do it when Kiteboarding in MI.

Do you wear clothes under wetsuits?

Generally speaking, no. Rash guards are available. On my lower body I wear a compression-like short, sometimes known as briefs. Nike and UnderArmour are good, but I prefer a brand called Helo. And then I wear my boardshorts over my wetsuit. I go bare all under, no shorts over my wetsuit.

Something you wear that's statrs with w?


Do you need a wetsuit for surfing?

no but it is good to wear one

Why do you need a wetsuit for surfing?

You don't always need a wetsuit, it is just in winter or cold countries you would wear one. It is too cold even unbearable without one so that's why you would need a wetsuit!

Do rash vests keep you warm?

Hi, well if you wear a rask vest under a wetsuit, it is mostly for stopping chaffing and stopping wetsuit rash. however, if you are going surfing or swimming and just want to wear a rash vest on its own, not only does it give uv protection, it DOES keep you warm. So yes rash vests keep you warm

What is something that you wear beginning with w?

People wear a watch, wedding ring, wristband and a wig. People wear a wetsuit and walking shoes.

What kind of clothes would you wear on a yacht?

wetsuit obviously but if its for charity a dinosaur outfit :)

Who invented the wetsuit?

Marcus A. Wetsuit

If you wear a thinner wetsuit while diving will it reduce your boyancy and can you wear less weights?

Yes. The thickness of the wetsuit most certainly factors into your buoyancy. Less neoprene equates to less lead. Cold water divers learn this quickly when vacationing south.

Are blue sharks harmful?

No they are not harmfull at all [as long as you wear a chain mail wetsuit anyway.]

Can you wear a wetsuit for Halloween?

Why not? unless it shows private areas, then its completely acceptable, well... not illegal, lol.

What is the difference between a diving wetsuit and a surfing wetsuit?


What clothing is worn under a football uniform?

most people wear a T shirt under their shoulder pads so as not to get rug burn from them and a cup is worn under the pants. if its cold other things are worn such as cold gear or in extreme cold Tom Brady wears a wetsuit

Where can one buy wetsuit boots online?

Wetsuit Warehouse has some wetsuit boots and other accessories on their website. If you purchase some wetsuit boots, there are a lot of wetsuits for men and women for sale.

Can women wear junior wetsuits?

The way wetsuits fit is very important. Typically if you are a Women you will want to wear a Womens wetsuit. The overall tightness of the Wetsuit can play a major roll on whether or not you stay warm in the water. See related links for an example of women's wetsuits.

What kind of attire should you wear when swimming?

Open water-wetsuit Everything else-just swim suit.

Why do you wear a wetsuit when swimming with dolphins?

Because the water is more cold than regular water when u swim with them.

What is the best brand of wetsuit?

In my opinion, BlueSeventy is the best brand of wetsuit.

Does peeing in your wetsuit make it rip?

No, it does not. When I was certified, I learned you can pee in your wetsuit, but it sounds kinda gross. This means that you can pee in your wetsuit without it causing any damage. I own a 3mm wetsuit and peeing in it hasn't caused any damage.

Has anyone used a triathlon wetsuit for surfing In other words is the tri wetsuit felxible enough to use as a surfing wetsuit?

A triathlon wetsuit should not be used for surfing due to the fragile coating on the outside of the suit. The abrasive surface of the surfboard will damage the wetsuit ruining the coating and possibly tearing the suit.

What is French for wetsuit?

french for wetsuit: un combinaison xxx

What kind of surf wear is most practical?

Surf wear varies with the individual surfer and the environment as well as experience. Some basic surf wear should include: the board, a wetsuit, and a tether in some cases to ensure you do not lose the board.

What do you wear on a yacht?

i have a yacht and i wear long light sleeved shirts so i dont get burnt and board shorts or a tight wetsuit top. depends on the weather. what is the weather like?

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