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If the invitation does not specify formal, informal , or casual , call and ask if there is an event planner. If you cannot find any help, stay middle of the road. Ladies, the little black dress can be dressed up or down on arrival with the addition or subtraction of accessories. Gentlemen, a sportcoat [ suit type, not team ] plain color shirt , dress slacks. Put a clip-on tie in your pocket. Coat and tie off if casual , and if it's semi-formal, you won't stand out too badly.

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wow my professinol cousin just had a soccer banquet and i asked her the same quisten and she said she wouldent wear her full soccer uniform but since shes a player she would wear hear team shirt if your an adult that isn't a player i would throw on a nice shirt and pants for a male and a fancy shirt and a skirt or somthing fance for the female

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A cute, but not fancy dress. Or cute shirt, and jeans.(:

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If there is no swimming involved, I would wear something semi-casual. A short, simple, black dress would be perfect.

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Q: What do you wear to a sports banquet?
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