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Most would wear a cycling Jersey together with cycling shorts.

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2014-08-04 19:33:52
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Q: What do you wear cycling shorts from topshop with?
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What should you wear under cycling shorts?

regular underwear Think you're wrong on this one. Cycling shorts are meant to be worn commando.

What should you wear under your morphsuit?

A pair of tight shorts, e.g. base layer shorts or cycling shorts.

What do you wear for road cycling?

Usually a helmet, sunglasses, a jersey, padded cycling shorts, socks shoes.

What are the advantages to wearing cycling shorts instead of regular gym shorts?

Cycling shorts prevent the rubbing of your inner thighs together while peddling (known as the chamois) and to be aerodynamic.

Are there any websites where you can buy lifting shorts on line?

Lifting shorts are very effective shorts to wear when you are lifting weight, playing sports, or cycling. These shorts can be found at many sporting goods stores as well as amazon.

Can I wear jammers on a bike ride instead of cycling shorts I have a Scout outing coming up where we are going to be riding like 50 miles and was told to bring cycling shorts which I don't have?

What you want for cycling is shorts/trousers with as little seams and as flat seams as possible between your body and the saddle. Bicycle shorts are made that way, and they are also padded - but any shorts that fits the bill of being flat and friendly to your skin will work.

Cycling shorts and underwear?

No, you dont use underwear with padded cycling shorts lol! *still laughing* omg no. searouly? oh then no

Where can I buy cycling shorts?

There's a wide variety of sources out there for cycling shorts, so you should ensure that you're getting the best of the best. One of the stores with the best selection can be found at

Who invented cycling shorts?

Benjamin Barnes

What are cycling trousers called?

Bibs or shorts

Where can one find bib cycling shorts for men?

Bib cycling shorts for men can be purchased at most outdoor gear stores, such as MEC in Canada, or REI in the USA. Bicycle specialty stores also sell bib cycling shorts from a variety of brand names.

What are cycling bibs used for?

Cycling bibs are used for another word for them is cycling shorts. They often are black made of lycra, and tight, fairly short and made with a flexible material. Some brands of cycling bibs shorts are Castelli Aero Race and Santini.

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