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A pump

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2011-05-01 02:42:12
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Q: What do you use to put air in a basketball?
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Does the amount of air in a basketball affect your shooting?

shaun carmicheal ain't got no shoot and he a turtle

How much air is put into a basketball?

up to about 5 pounds

What make a basketball bounce higher helium or air?

Helium will make a basketball bounce higher because when it is put into the basketball the air particles move faster and faster causing the basketball to bounce higher.

What is the right amount of air to put in a basketball?

put in enough to make it bounce but not to much!!hope you like my help good luck with your basketball!! ;)

What does the air in a basketball do?

The air in a basketball lets the basketball bounce.

Will a basketball or tennis ball bounce higher with more air?

i know that a basketball will because if it has nothing in it, it won't bounce. right? but when you put more helium in, it will bounce high. but if you put to much in it, it might explode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What tool would you use to measure the mass of the air in a basketball?


How do you measure the air pressure in an NBA basketball?

use the air measurer. you can buy one at any meachani

Does Air Canada Centre use the same Arena for hockey and basketball?


What two ways can you measure air pressure?

Use a Baromitic Measurer And Use something that can show how much air there is! Ex : basketball pumper!

How does the amount of air in a basketball affect how high it bounces?

Answer Yes. A basketball with no air will not bounce as much as a basketball with the right amount of air .

How much air does a basketball have in it?

A basketball need a lot of air because if it does not have any air how can it bounce.

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