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The wind, current, and a compass.

I would have said the set of the sails and the rudder...

Without a centerboard, daggerboard or keel, the rudder and sails are useless. Using only wind and/or current is known as 'drifting'. Been there, done that! So! Ultimately, the direction of the wind causes you to manage the direction your ship will take. It is impossible to sail directly into the wind, but you can 'tack' into the wind, by adjusting the 'set' of the sails, and steering with the tiller, wheel, or helm. The compass is used to stay on a pre-determined course. So of course, you may also say that a set of dividers and an accurate chart are vital to the successful management of the direction of your sailing ship. A keen eye to the weather and a steady hand on that helm help, as well.

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Q: What do you use to manage the direction of a sailing ship?
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