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Usually a jock strap is worn for sports or athletic activities (gym class, working out, etc.). Sometimes, they are worn to hold a protective cup in place, for contact sports such as hockey or Baseball. These have a special pouch to hold the cup. A jock strap can also be worn to support the penis and testicles during non-contact sports and activities, such as running.

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Q: What do you use a jock strap for?
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How do you put on a jock strap with a cup?

1) Make sure you have a jock strap that is specifically designed for a cup. 2) Insert cup into jock strap narrow end first. 3) Pull on jock strap (with cup) as you would a pair of briefs. 4) Adjust to comfort.

What is a formal term for a jock strap?

athletic supporter

When should you wear jock strap underwear?

You should wear a jock strap if you need to be wearing a cup - so for sports where you might get hit. You should also wear a jock strap for support for running, working out, gym class, etc, even if a cup is not required.

What is the best brand of jock strap?

The best answer of Jock strap is bonds because bonds last for ever and ever and you can get them in a range of colours, sizes and Adults or Children

When is tryout for cheerleding?

when the jock strap fits

How do you hide your bulge?

Wear a jock strap.

What is a slang for a athlete?

Jock is the slang term for an athlete. It is a reference to a jock-strap, a men's undergarment used specifically for sports.

Can you wear a jock strap every day?


Is it common for a jock strap to itch when you first where it?


How do you show your son to put on a jock cup?

Put the cup in the jock strap and tell him to wear it like underwear...

What is the purpose of a jock strap?

A jock strap is a type of underwear made to keep a man or boy's genitals pulled in tight against the body, so they don't bounce around when he works out or runs.

What are some slang terms for jock strap?

Banana Hammock

How do you put on a jock strap?

put it on like a pair of underwera

What is a street legal jock strap?

the one you can wear in public

Have you seen my jock strap in Spanish?

Has visto mi suspensorio?

What is the purpose of wearing a tight jock strap?

You wear a jock strap to keep your genitals supported when you play sports or work out. They fit tightly in order to keep everything pulled up against your body.

Is it uncomfortable to wear a jock strap?

It's a little bit uncomfortable at first to wear a jock strap, especially if you're not used to it. But it feels better to have good support when you run, and to not worry about getting hit down there.

Should you wear a jock strap when you play tennis?

NO you can if u want :)

Why do you wear jock straps?

You can wear a jock strap to hold a protective cup in place, if it has a pouch for it. Jock straps are also worn to hold the penis and testicles in place while you work out.

Something you wear that stats with a j?

jacket---- jersey---- jock strap---jeans

What do wrestlers wear under a sinlget there privates show a lot?

A jock strap

Do wrestlers wear something under the singlet?

Usually a jock strap (with no cup), or underwear, or both.

What are the ratings and certificates for Two and a Half Men - 2003 A Jock Strap in Hell 6-5?

Two and a Half Men - 2003 A Jock Strap in Hell 6-5 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:6

What is a soft jock strap?

Jock straps come in two different types. Some have a pouch to hold a hard cup in place, for sports where you might get hit. A soft jock strap is just designed to hold the genitals up very tightly against the body so they don't bounce and twist during athletics.

What is a Jill strap?

a jill strap protects the lower belly and pelvic bone.It is the equivalent of a male's cup. (jock strap)jock strap is A garment made of stretchy cotton intended primarily to embarass teenaged boys in gym class and secondarily to secure their wobbly bits from getting jostled