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I think Hockey is a better sport then Basketball, but if your talking about the league, I think it is NHL (hockey) because NBA is too boring to watch and it is hard to get the court side seats because it costs too much. But your opinion counts too, if you think NBA is better, then NBA is better, if you think NHL is better, then NHL is better.

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โˆ™ 2012-02-19 19:24:31
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Q: What do you think is better NHL or NBA?
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Which is better - NBA 2K10 or NBA Live 10?

i think NBA n210 is better but i didn't play live 2010

Is NBA live 09 the game better than NBA live 10?

No i think that NBA live 10 is better.

What are the shared NBA and NHL arenas?

Staples Center: LA Lakers & Clippers (NBA), LA Kings (NHL); American Airlines Center: Dallas Mavericks (NBA) , Dallas Stars (NHL); Wells Fargo Center: Philadelphia 76ers (NBA), Philadelphia Flyers (NHL); Madison Square Garden: NY Knicks (NBA), NY Rangers (NHL); Verizon Center: Washington Wizards (NBA) Washington Capitals, (NHL); Pepsi Center: Denver Nuggets (NBA), Colorado Avalanche (NHL); TD Garden: Boston Celtics (NBA), Boston Bruins (NHL); United Center: Chicago Bulls (NBA), Chicago Blackhawks (NHL) Air Canada Centre: Toronto Raptors (NBA), Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL); Barclays Center: Brooklyn Nets (NBA), NY Islanders (NHL); Little Caesars Arena: Detroit Pistons (NBA), Detroit Red Wings (NHL.)

Is NBA better than NFL?

I Think That NFL Is Better Than NBA Because NFL is more injuries and more scoring .So That what i said that NFL is better NBA

Is NHL 09 better than NHL 08?

NHL 09 is better then NHL 08

What cities in the United States have teams from the nfl NHL Major League Baseball and nba?

chicago- blackhawks(nhl), cubs & white sox(mlb), bulls(nba), bears(nfl) philadelphia- flyers(nhl), phillies(mlb), 76ers(nba), eagles(nfl) new york- islanders & rangers(nhl), mets & yanks(mlb), knicks(nba), giants & jets(nfl) minnesota- wild(nhl), twins(mlb), timberwolves(nba), vikings(nfl) washington- capitals(nhl), nationals(mlb), wizards(nba), redskins(nfl)

How do you get 09-10 rsoter updates on NBA live 09?

I have the same problem. I think nba 09 is better

Which game is better Fifa 12 or NBA 2k 12?

Hmm.. I think it's NBA 2k 12

What is the minimum capacity needed for a city to host an MLB NFL NBA and an NHL team?

Mlb= 30,000 nfl= 60,000 nba=17,500 nhl= 15,000

Where can you buy the cheap Major League Baseball NHL NFL NBA shoes?

Wholesale MBT Shoes NFL MLB NBA NHL Football jerseys

Which is better NBA 2k10 or NBA live 2010?

its more of an opinion, but what i think is nba live 10 cuz it has beter graphics and newer players

Is NHL 10 better than NHL 09?

Yes, way better .

What is the best paid job in America?

NBA or NHL player.

When has Cincinnati ever had an NBA or NHL team?

Cincinnati Royals NBA now known as Sacramento Kings

What game is better NHL 2k 11 or NHL Slapshot?

NHL 2k11

Should you get NBA 2k10 or NBA live 10?

It depends what console you have. I would go for 2k10 though, i think it's better.

What is better NBA or college?


Who better carmelo or Kevin durant?

Both are considered premier NBA players. I personally think Durant is better.

Which is better NBA live 09 or NBA 09?

NBA live 09 better features better online play

Which is better NBA 10 The Inside or NBA 2k10?

NBA 2k10 is better for all the systems

Is the NBA one of the biggest basketball organizations?

there are the nfl, mlb, mls, and nhl out there who knows where nba is ranked in front of these

Highest revenue sport?

NHL Sports, F1 nba Soccer

What is better nba 11 or 2k 11?

NBA 2k is better

What is better NHL09 or NHL 2k9?

on the game rating sites it says nhl 09 is better

What is better NBA live 10 or NBA 2k10?

NBA 2k10 better graphics and more realistic :)