What do you put in a basket?

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Anything you want! It's your basket so you choose what to put in it!

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Q: What do you put in a basket?
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What is a sentence for basket?

The basket of fruit looks promising.He was a basket case.Just put the cereal in the basket, Bob.

What do you call the basket you put in the deep fryer?

Fry basket.

Whats the best thing to put in a gift basket ?

The best thing to put in a gift basket depends on the person who will be receiving the basket. If the person enjoys gardening, you might put flower bulbs or gardening gloves in the basket.

How do you get an aggressive cat into a basket?

first you get the cast to like you then it'll warm up to u and be all like " put me oin the basket " then u put him in the basket

What is the biblical name of moses's basket?

The basket that Moses was put into was referred to as an ARK.

What phrases has the word basket?

The world is going to hell in a hand basket. Put all of ones eggs in the same basket

Where do you put your code for the backstage pass in?

In a basket.

Who put Moses in the basket?

I'm pretty sure it was his mother who put him in the basket, and his sister Miriam who watched over him as he went down the river.

Do you have to pay a stipend to go to a Catholic Church or can you just put money in the offering basket?

No, going to church is always free. The money you put in the basket is just a donation, not a payment to go to church, you may put money in the basket, but you do not need to.

How many eggs can you put in an empty square shaped basket?

That all depends on the size of the basket.

What to put in a Mother's Day basket?

put what your mom likes and candles

Who put Moses in the river?

Moses was put in the river in a basket by his mother.

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