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You need to have a lot of skill, training, and you need to be really good.

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Q: What do you need to become a soccer player for the US?
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Who was the first black professional soccer player in the US?

The first black professional soccer player in the US was andrew watson

Who is the best soccer player in US womens soccer?

thats an opinion

When did soccer become official in the US?

In 1913

Who is the most ever capped soccer player?

Kristine Lilly, US Soccer

Who is Landon Donavon?

He is a soccer player for the US

Who is the youngest soccer player to play for US soccer team?

Freddy Adu, 19

Who is the best soccer player the US Men's National Soccer Team has had?

Landon Donovan.

How do you become a pro soccer player in the US My parents won't spend too much time on travel or money on traig. My only dream is to play soccer and I wouldn't be fulfilled in like if I wasn't.?

One can become a pro in soccer by joining a team around the area of residence. Then do a lot of practice.

How tall is the tallest US soccer player?


Who is a black female soccer player?

Briana Scurry, goaltender for the US Women's soccer team.

Which soccer player was inducted into the US soccer hall of fame?

Mostly to be Landon Donavan and Dempsey

What is the average professional soccer player's salary in the US?


Best US soccer player ever?

Claudio Reyna

How much does a us pro soccer player make?


Do you need a licence to play soccer?

In the US you don't.

If you are a soccer player and just moved to the US what do you do to continue playing soccer in the US?

There are many soccer leagues in the US. Anybody can play soccer no matter where they are or how old they are. There are club teams for children and adult leagues for adults. You just have to search around and find out what leagues are in you area.

Which famous soccer player that if he would play for the US soccer team then he would take it to the top?

david beckham

How much do good soccer players get paid?

First of all, it depends where you live. But the salary of a soccer player all depends on the player and how good they are. It will probably range from in the 30,000's US to the millions US.

What US soccer player has scored the most goals in the FIFA World Cup?

Landon Donovan has scored 5 goals in FIFA World Cup games, the most of any US Soccer player.

Who is the most famous pro soccer player in the US?

David Beckham

Who is the best US soccer player?

Cobi Jones and Landon Donovan

What women's US soccer player has the most penaltys?

It is Mia Haam.

Who is carlos bocanegra?

Carlos Bocanegra is a US men's soccer player. He currently plays on a team in France. He is also the captain of the US men's soccer team.

What is the best US soccer player of all time?

The best US soccer player of all time is probably the goalkeeper Tim Howard. He has played at the top level in the English Premier League, and for his country on several occasions.

What female soccer player has tattoos?

Natasha Kai from the US National Team