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How to kick a ball, what the different positions are and how to and dribble a ball.

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Q: What do you learn on the first day of soccer practice?
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How many times a day do you have to practice to become a provincial soccer player?

You will have to practice every day to be really good at soccer.

How long do professional soccer players practice each day?

Professional soccer players practice each day for three hours .

What is the odds of being a soccer player?

look.. if you are great at soccer, you practice every day and youll be great one day!

How many hours per day does it take to become a professional soccer player?

All it takes is practice. All soccer players played 10000 hours before they became a pro. Practice, practice, practice!

How do you improve your first touch football?

Practice, practice, practice. Every day you work on your touch, you will get better. Do not give up, and eventually your touch will not fail you. If there are specific things you wish to learn, just practice those more. Practice.

How much should someone practice soccer a day?

at least three hours a day

How many hours did Cristiano ronaldo practice soccer in a day?

4 hours a day

What are the day to day responsibilities of a professional soccer player?

have to be on time to practice and be responsible of hardwear

What is the best way to learn ball handling and foot work in soccer?

PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! I practice every other day during the off season which is like 2 months combined throughout the whole year. Also play every session Fall, Winter,Summer.

Every what day do soccer players practice?

5-6 days a week

How do people do thing and allot of people cant?

they learn it from a few and acctually practice it day by day

What is the fastest way to learn how to play an instrument?

learn all basics then learn the harder ones...PRACTICE A COUPLE OF HOURS A DAY

Why is Chopins music hard to learn?

It can be very complex music to learn. Practice, practice and practice lots more is the key to learning his music. After you are done practicing, then practice some more - some professional musicians practice up to 8 hours per day or more.

How do you do better than anybody at soccer?

You have to excersise at least one hour a day. You have to gain some muscle. You also have to practice!!! Those are key to becoming AMAZING in soccer! =) And also watch and learn certain skills from other players! ok ya little girly we know u like soccer!! now u are broadcasting it to the world!!! Congrats!!!

Highest paid sports?

Soccer,Because A Lot Of People Watch Soccer And Cant Wait For The Fifa And Plus Players Have Practice Every Day Accept Sat And Sun

How can someone become a pro fessional soccer player?

well you have to practice every day and never give up

How can you develop your weaker foot in soccer?

All you have to do, is practice kicking and dribbling with that foot. When I first started soccer, my left foot was weak. I kept kicking with it for 3 years, to this day. Now, as the best goalie in U12 Butts County Rec. Dpt., I can kick with both feet. Hope this helps!

How do you learn a song in a day?

You practice and practice and practice some more. lol What I usually do is take on the a few measures at a time. I master those measures and move on to the next three, then play the first six together. I then move onto the next three, master that, and then play the first 18 measures together. I repeat that process until I finish the song.

What did knights expect their children to do every day?

the knights expected their children to learn and practice how to fight from the age of 8, every day.

How can one easily learn the piano?

It is not easy to learn any musical instrument. It requires considerable practice and dedication. The best way is to find a good piano teacher and have regular lessons and regular practice hours each day.

How would you learn A Hot Day by asj tessimond in 2 weaks?

By applying yourself to the task and practice

When is the first day of 2009 college basketball practice?

The NCAA allows limited practice beginning Sept. 10, but the official 1st day when practice can begin in full is October 16.

What is the easy way to learn ASL fluent?

The easiest way to learn ASL fluently is to practice a lot. You can use a book to learn the signs and just keep practicing every day to get better at it.

What is davidbeckhams favorite position in soccer?

Of I were a true fan you would know it was quarterback and wide reciever have a nice day and learn to spell

How many minutes does it take to learn karate?

It takes a lifetime. If you train and practice 30 minutes a day, you can make it to black belt in about 4 years. Then you are ready to start to learn.