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at least three hours a day

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Q: How much should someone practice soccer a day?
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How much water is Samuel most likely to drink after soccer practice?

Samuel should drink plenty of water during and after soccer practice. Gotta stay hydrated!

How much money does it cost to become a professional soccer player?

nothing, just practice!

How much a soccer player work?

well it depends how much they practice and play so the players decide how much they work

How much is one soccer uniform?

$100 i should now that because i am on a soccer team

How mach training does someone need to be good at soccer?

not much... some people start at 6 or since they were REALLY young but you can start later. you just have to practice a little more than the other players on your team if you've never played soccer before.

How much should youth soccer player train?


How much does professional soccer team Barcelona practice a week?

It depends, because you cannot count the games as practice and there is no practice during the holidays. I'd say during the season, they practice about 2-4 days a week excluding the games.

Where should you focus your eyes when someone is signing ASL?

Although it is difficult, when someone is signing, you should maintain eye contact. This means you need to use your peripheral vision to watch their hands. It takes much practice, but can be done! Happy signing!

What should you do as much as possible before you formally present your speech?

practice as much as possible.

how much cats should i get?

someone tell me

How do you learn soccer juggling tricks?

Practice. That's the nice thing about juggling a futbol. It doesn't take too much natural skill, just the dedication to practice as much as you can. It might also help to set up a practice routine to effectively train your skills, but that is purely preferential.

What should I do about soccer and my parents?

You didn't really give us much information to go on. What about soccer and your parents? What is the specific problem you want advice with?

How much should a soccer trainer be paid?

a 2 hour sesion should be at least $15 and for a month, $100

In pounds how much should a skinny soccer player weigh?

approximately 4.56222 pounds

Can you play soccer?

Yes, I can play soccer. But next time you want to ask a not-so-important question, please ask someone else! Thanks much! ~SoccerHelper

Can someone fold a shirt in a few seconds?

Of course they can. It depends on who is folding the shirt and how much practice they have had.

When can someone practice surfing?

pretty much anytime depending on the waves and tides. you should always check the surf reports before going out if you want to have a good surf day

Is soccer better than Dance in terms of aerobic conditioning?

It depends- If you are serious about soccer, and you play competively and practice every week, then yes. If you are not really serious about soccer, then Dance is better for you because not only is it much less dangerous, you can improve aerobic conditioning faster.

How much should someone who is 4' 10 weigh?

Someone who is 4'10 should weigh about 80-90 pounds.

How much tofu should someone eat?

a lot

How much should a soccer player weigh?

I'd say almost any weight as long as it is toned i mean muscular there will never be a chubby soccer player.

What are Pele hobbies?

peles hobbies were soccer! soccer SOCCER! he loved it so much

What if you are good at running but not a good soccer player and you play soccer?

If you really like playing soccer, keep playing. Maybe try to improve and practice more if you think you're not good at it. However, if you just like running and not soccer, maybe join a track team. Track is pretty much only running, do you might like it.

How much should you weigh for a soccer player at 12 years old and 4'11?

about 99-103 pounds

How much air should a soccer ball have?

5 to 6 lbs...not too hard...just right..