What do you learn from ballet?

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A lot of Ballet dancers learn correct posture and dicipline?

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Q: What do you learn from ballet?
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Related questions

Is it too late for an 18 year old to learn ballet?

It is never too late to learn ballet! :) just take classes.

Can you learn the splits in ballet class?


Can we learn ballet dance in the age of 21 to 24?

Yes, provided you have the zeal and determination, you can learn the ballet dance in the ages of 21 to 24.

How does ballet help your heart?

Ballet helps you to learn to control your breathing and is a great cardio workout.

How long would it take a 13yr old girl to learn ballet?

it will take 27,000 years for them to learn ballet b ecause they probably suck

How do you teach ballet?

You learn it by your self or with someone then you teach it.

What does level 5 mean in ballet?

Level 5 in ballet is a advanced level you can get stronger in. In ballet 1 you learn the basics. In ballet 2 you learn more steps but still not to advanced. In ballet 3 you learn some more steps and get a little more advanced. In ballet 4 you get stronger and more steps and at that point your feet get stronger and when your feet are strong enough your teacher decides if you go up on pointe or not yet. After 3 or 4 years in ballet 4 you go to ballet 5. ballet 5 is a very advanced class and is the highest level you can get to!

Should you learn ballet or tap first?

Absolutely, positively Ballet. It is the core of all forms of dance.

What are the good things of ballet dance?

Type your answer here... The best or good things about dancing Ballet is that you can learn to have a good posture. And you will learn to be more flexible. And that you will learn to be graceful. Ballet is the root of all dances since it is considered the only dance with all the terms. And one thing that is also great about Ballet is that it is a good and fun exercise. And once you've started ballet, it is unusual not to like it.

Where can you learn to do ballet online?

it would be very hard learning ballet from videos etc as you really do need a teacher. but if you type on youtube basic ballet steps and start from there. then google ballet steps and learn how to do them from watching videos on youtube you can then start to put steps together. It would also be a good idea to get a book out from the liabary on ballet technique and a guide to ballet, so you learn how to train your body (posture, turn out etc) GOODLUCK!

Do you have to learn ballet first to do a split?

No, you don't have to learn ballet first to do a split. Its just a matter of how flexible you are, you just have to do a lot of stretching to make yourself more flexible.

Is ballet really hard to learn?

Ballet is easy to learn if you are good on your feet. The best way to become good at it is if you start to take lessons from a professional or private dance studio.

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