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Q: What do you eat at Wimbledon with ice-cream?
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Can horses eat icecream?

yes horses can eat icecream. it can't be too good for them though.

What is a good snack you eat in the summer?


What is something you eat starting with the letter i?


When platelets are low what do you eat?

Asparagus! spinnach. and icecream. go eat

What is the best way of getting abs?

eat icecream!

How do you make your beyblade more powerful?

eat icecream

Can you eat immediately after pulling a baby tooth?

Yes, eat icecream it will help :)

What did Jeff Kinney like to eat as a kid?

he liked to eat pizza and icecream

Something you eat starting with the letter i?

ice icecream icee

What food cant you eat with chopsticks?

pizza icecream cereal

What responsabilities does the moon have in a day?

To eat icecream with yo'mama lol

How do you get loans for dental care?

eat butcrack flavored icecream

What are some ways that you eat pineapples?

Raw, in fruit salads, in smoothies, on pizzas, on icecream, in icecream, or you could use a juicer to make juice.

What do you do when someone ignores you?

eat cookies and icecream or try to make them notice you

What are good foods to eat when you have an ulcer?

pizza, icecream, grass, and pig

What did people eat in the 1990's?

icecream for dinner every day

Can you eat Icecream?

Yes (unless you're allergic to one of the ingredients)

Does it hurt when getting your tonsils out?

no it feels fine and you get to eat lots of icecream:)))))

Can Muslims eat Dairy Queen Ice Cream?

yes because everyone can eat icecream.

HOw is icecream made?

icecream is made from cows then they smoosh it and it becomes icecream!

Why is it better to have ice cream from a cone?

because you can eat the cone and lick the icecream

What can you eat when you do to watch tennis at Wimbledon?

Strawberries and cream.

What food do people traditionally eat at Wimbledon?


What kind of food house lizard eat?

a house lazard will eat rice,grasshopers, and it might like icecream.

What is the perfix of resist?

You mean prefix...and "re"