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Wear/use the sponsors clothes/shoes/decks/trucks/wheels/etc. when you skate and try to get some photographs of yourself wearing/using said items published in a skateboard magazine and your sponsor will be very happy.

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Q: What do you do when you get a skateboard sponsor?
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What kind of skateboard does Rob Dyrdek have?

His skateboard sponsor is Alien Workshop.

How do you be a skateboard sponsor?

work at a skateboarding company

What is the easiest skateboard sponsor to get?

Your Mom's purse.

What was braydon szafranski's first skateboard shop sponsor?

It was a skateboard shop in New York in 1990 that later became its own skateboard company called "Blade"

What tricks are good enough to get in a skateboard sponsor?

Kickflips ,melons and maybe frontflips

What kind of skateboard does rob dyrdek ride?

alien workshop since they sponsor him

What skateboard brands will sponsor kids?

Dylan Burant Call him in CAN 780 4750707

How do you get on a skate team?

You will have to be Really quite good on a skateboard and be noticed by a company or sponsor! Not easy.

How many skateboard sponsors are there in the world?

There are over 150 big sponsors plus small skate shop sponsor's.

Do you need a skateboard sponsor to be a pro?

Well, being a pro means your a "professional" and get paid for skateboarding and having signature lines, from your sponsors. So the answer is yes.

Are there any skateboard companies that sponsor beginners with little talent?

yes if your a kid termite will sponsor you as long as you can do the basic flip tricks and grinds ---- I upload my skate videos to its a new website promoted by rob dyrdek's fansite...

What skateboard companies sponsor beginners?

Brands like Vans, Flip, etc. are professional skate companies so if you're looking for a sponsor you gotta make a video and send it to some local skate shops. If you can catch a break and get a local place to sponsor ya then you go to local tournies and whatever you gotta work youre way up.

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