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just throw it as hard as you can! if you lose, don't blame me! :)

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Q: What do you do if you throw out your arm in fast pitch softball?
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How do you increase the speed of the baseball pitch?

Let go the right way and swing your arm around fast. This also goes for softball.

How does the speed of the softball pitch happen?

the speed happens by having a fast arm circle and a strong wrist flip. hope it helps.

How do you throw a softball fastpitch?

There are two differant ways to throw a basic fastball in softball. there is the west coast pitch : you put your hands above your head and then bring your throwing arm in a ciricle and then release. there is the east coast pitch : you bring your hands to the side of your throwing side and then bring your throwing arm in a rotation and release. you can do either of these no matter where you live. what ever one is easier. personaly i think the west coast pitch is easier. you can also throw change ups, knuckle balls, risers, or a 2 finger pitch.

Is an overhanded pitch going to effect a fast-pitch softball players hitting?

Yes, because when you are a batter for softball you tend to time the pitch as your arm goes around so over hand can mess up your timing and ruin the speed of the bat causeing you to do bad at the plate.

How do you pitch a softball?

When you pitch a softball the first thing you do is hold the ball than you round your arm one time and when you get next to your hip let go. But when you round your arm make sure you take a big step/ stride.

What muscles move when you pitch?

When you pitch a softball or baseball, you biceps push of the mound and you arm muscle moves with a swift motion. So basically, you leg's and arm's. (:

What are some similarities between girls baseball and girls softball?

They both pretty much do the same thing except for in softball you can pitch with a full circle arm or an underhand throw but in girls baseball you can only throw under hand. Most of the time girls don't play baseball more than likely almost all girls that play a type of baseball play softball.

Should a softball catcher throw to second from her knees?

If the catcher has a good enough arm to, then yes. It is the fastest way.

How do you throw a softball farther?

Get your arm stronger, therefor practice more or even work out. It helped me and im only 12

How fast does the average 11 year old girl pitch in fast pitch softball?

It varies between how much you practice how much power you have your arm and footwork Im 11 And Pitch 58 usually on a good day maybe 63 but fot every foot you leap of the mound you get 3 mph per foot you leap

How do you throw a long pass?

to have a cannon arm you really have to be born with it but you can improve by qorking out your bicep tricep and fore arm you just get a fast receiver and throw it as faras you can but also accurately

What are some softball tricks?

there is a trick pitch which is when you let go of the ball before you swing your arm around the second time(;

How can you throw a softball farther than you normally can?

Having your technique improved is a major key. You can also exercise to improve the strength of your throwing arm.

What muscle do you need to pitch for baseball?

The muscle that you need to throw a baseball is mostly your arm strength. All players need arm strength to play baseball because they all throw the ball.

In fastpitch softball can you release the ball before the arm goes around? name for this pitch is a Chinese change up.

What are 4 cues for an overarm throw in softball?

T, step, L, throw. Stand in the shape of a T, step forward with the foot closet to the direction you throwing, bring your throwing arm next to your head in an L position, then throw.

Where can you buy training aids for fast pitch softball to get her arm control?

There are alot pitching training aids depending on what kind performance you want. Make sure to get your mechanics down first before trying any training aid

How is it that a softball pitcher can throw day after day?

well if a pitcher just starts off and throws for a long time her arm will be sore, but if she is used to it, she will be okay to through for a decent amount of time and will have to ice her arm.

How is the ball pitched in softball?

under arm

How do you prevent throwing out your arm in baseball?

If you are throwing in the cold wear plenty of layers and keep your arm warm. If your throw with just a T shirt on you'll pull several muscles in your arm and shoulders. Another was is to not throw so fast that throw your arm out. Before each game ice and heat it up. Use icey hot for example.

How do you pitch fast pitch faster?

welll you need proper mechanics and alot of practice some arm strenthing exercises along with fore arm and grip strength and alot of stamina!

How long should a softball pitcher rest between seasons?

A softball pitcher doesn't need to rest that much, as long as your arm is strong. Just keep practicing your throw if you do different sports and activities because it might damage your arm. Don't do anything too serious, but as long as your arm is strong and able to throw strikes, you should be okay to just live life normally. Keep strong, steady, and hydrated, and most of all, keep practicing.

Can a softball pitcher throw more accurate than a baseball pitcher.?

This is an interesting question. I don't know the exact answer, but i would guess that a softball pitcher could indeed be more accurate than a baseball pitcher at their respective distances. baseball pitcher's throwing mechanics are unatural for the human body as the arm comes up over the shoulder and is torqued, so they will tire a lot faster than a softball pitcher. a softball pitcher has a more natural motion as the arm stays down and the arm will not tire as quickly. this would lead me to think that they could indeed throw more accurate, but for a specific answer i would have to say it just depends on the individual.

What are efficient softball drills to help my daughter make a perfect circle softball pitch?

To teach your daughter to make a perfect circle when she is pitching you could make her stand against a rough wall and have her make arm circles.

What are some Softball pitching fundamentals?

stay on the power line keep arm straight stay up tall snap ball at hip fast arm speed turn hip stay on the power line keep arm straight stay up tall snap ball at hip fast arm speed turn hip