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Q: What do you call winning enough games during the season be able to play in the finals?
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How many Stanley cups has Sidney Crosby played in?

2 finals and 1 cup winning season

What is the prize for winning the NBA finals?

A championship ring and the Larry O'Brien Trophy, as well as the Bill Russel trophy (also known as the Finals MVP award). They will also get paid a good amount of money, which changes from season to season.

Were the Golden State Warriors good during the 2014-2015 season?

Yes, they were. With a record of 67-15, the team had the fifth best winning percentage during the regular season in NBA history. They are currently slotted in the NBA finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers and are the favorites to win it all.

What was the final score in the 1990 semi-final game between unlv and duke?

UNLV and Duke played in the finals of the 1990 championship with UNLV winning 103-73. UNLV and Duke played in the semi-finals the following season, 1991, with Duke winning 79-77.

When is the 2012-2013 NBA schdule released?

Maybe the during off-season or after the NBA Finals

When did Hibernian last win the Scottish League Cup finals?

Hibernian last won the Scottish League Cup finals during the 1901-02 season.

What is the over-all winning percentage of the Yankees this season?

.636 Winning PrecentageThe 2009 New York Yankees won 103 games and lost 59 during the regular season for a .636 winning percentage.

How many times have cork been in the all ireland football final?

As of the end of the 2011 season they have played in 24 finals, winning 7 and losing 17.

What is the duration of Our Winning Season?

The duration of Our Winning Season is 1.53 hours.

When was Our Winning Season created?

Our Winning Season was created in 1978-05.

How many game-winning shots did Kobe Bryant achieve during the 2009-2010 season?

6 game winning shots

Who was the last person to kick 100 goals in the AFL season?

During just the season, not including finals, Tony Lockette was the top one to kick 107 goals in the AFL in 1998. Then in 2001, for the whole season, including finals, Matthew Lloyd kicked 105.

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