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An athlete

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Q: What do you call someone who plays any type of sports?
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What do you call someone who plays the recorder?

A 'Recorder Player' Some call it a 'Recordist' but that primarily pertains to the art of making sound recordings. The Recorder instrument is a type of flute, so the player could also be called a 'Flautist'.

What do you call someone who studies dragons?

They are called dragonologists, which are a type of cryptozoologist.

What is the call number for books about sports?

According to, the overall sports category is 796, which is divided further according to the type of game (ice sports, ball sports, etc.) or other aspects of sports, including humor, philosophy, vocational guidance, equipment, etc.

Can you play sports if you have stitches?

It is not recommended that someone with stitches play any type of sports. It is best to ask the doctor who gave the stitches what activities can be done while they are still in.

Im 13 what is something to talk about with your boyfriend?

Ask him about sports teams he likes and if he plays sports he will love you asking, it's a chance for him to brag. If he isn't the sporty type talk about animals or anything really.

Is it illegal to prank call in Canada with proof?

Depending on what type of prank call it is, if you call and harm and or threaten someone verbally you can get charged otherwise nope.

What type of sport do they do in Zimbabwe?

The Zimbabwean play a variety of sports, but the one that the majority plays is Cricket. The Zimbabwean play a variety of sports, like gymnastics, soccer, cricket, track, and others, but those are the main ones.

What is the difference between athletic sports and sports-type game?

Define "sports-type" games and I probably will be able to answer your question more accurately..

What are the 26 sports in the Olympics?

Type in What are the 26 Olympic sports?

What to you call someone that drinks beer a lot?

Someone that drinks alot of beer or any other type of alcohol is known as an alcoholic, or a functioning alcoholic.

What should you say when someone wants to commit suicide?

You should call 911 immediately. They will send someone right away who has experience with that type of stress.

What is a typist?

A typist is someone who can type. Usually people who call themselves typists are fast at typing, but not always.

What is it call when someone stops eating a certain type of food because they gets sick?


What is bounce pass in netball?

A bounce pass is a type of pass in sports where the ball hits the ground and bounces back up into someone hands.

Where can someone find a call center job?

There always seems to be a variety of call center jobs available. If this is the type of work one is looking for, listings can be found on Indeed, Call Center Jobs and Call Centre Helper.

What type of photography equipment do you need?

What type of photographs do you intend to take? Someone who plans to take selfies and snapshots of their friends and put them on their Facebook page needs different equipment from someone who plans to take photos of football games and put them in Sports Illustrated.

What are the top 50 sports?

i am not gonna type 50 sports on here.

What type of sports do they play in el salvador?

what ever sports they like

What type plays did the Romans have?

Romans had drama plays and comedy plays

What do you need for sports?

What equipment you need for sports depends on the type of sports you are involved in. For football, you will need protective gear.

What type of sports do the Jews play?

The same sports that Non-Jews play.

What type of sports do hondura play?

what sports do honduras play

Can I block reverse cell phone lookup?

If you type *67 before placing a call, this will block a lot of information about you. The person receiving the call will only see that someone's calling, not who.

How do you call someone without them seeing your number?

*67 first you type either *82,*69,or *67

How do you become famous like Demi Lovato?

To be a singer like Demi Lovato, You have to take singing lessons until you are really good. Once you are a pretty good Vocalist, you can do some solos at church, school, or anywhere. You have to do quite a few. Once you have gotten good at being in front of people singing, you have to do some serious singing, like in plays and stuff. Then maybe someone will discover you. Most likely someone will. To be an actress like demi lovato, You have to be in a lot of plays. School plays, church plays, skits, or local plays. ANY Kind of play. It's very easy to find out when plays are. Just google it. Go to and type in your City, State and then plays. Example. Austin, Texas Plays. It should appear with a lot of different plays. Once you have been in at least like 20 plays, you can then call someone. Ask them to be your agent. Like the person who gets you into trying out for something. You should start with Commercials, then work your way to movies and tv shows.