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Q: What do you call a captain of a stomp team?
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What do you call the Captain of a cricket team?

Captain or Skipper

What do you call the leader of a team?

Captain is the term for the leader of a team.

What is a fast jazz piece?

it's call stomp

What do you call orgonizer of a team of business seven letters last letter c?


War cries for netball?

(Team Name) fans in the stands let me here you clap your hands (clap,clap,clap,clap)Now that we've got the beat this time we stomp our feet (stomp,stomp,stomp,stomp)Now that were number 1 this time we shake our bum (shake,shake,shake,shake)Now that we've got the groove this time we make our move GO (team Name)

What did you call the Titanic's captain?

You would call the Titanic's captain, 'Captain.'

Who is the team captain in Philippine Azkals?

Captain Alexander "Aly" Borromeo. The people loves him for he can play as a striker, forward,defender(in National Games) and many more, we call him the ALL AROUND CAPTAIN :)

What do you call the generals of the Navy Seals?

We call our General, Captain. Each team has a Captain. He, in our hearts is beyond the rank of Admiral or general. Generals are in the Army, Marine Corp and Air Force. We dont have Generals. Usually our captains are Lt Commanders. We call them captain because they lead our crews.

How do you do a greet cheer?

Here's a few great cheers: (clap whole cheer)Hustle, get to it, red lets do it (on do it make a right punch) were gonna stomp ( on stomp you are going to stomp your foot) and scream ( on scream were gonna put our hands around our mouth like we are SCREAMING) for the blue team ( on blue team we are going to make a right punch)go team!!

What is captain in volleyball?

Captain of the team

Who is Australia's team captain in football?

Tim Cahill is the team captain for Australia's football team! (:

Who is recent pakistans team captain?

ODI & Test Team captain is Misbah Ul Haq T20 Team captain is Mohammad Hafeez