What do you aim the darts at?

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The Dart Board.

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Q: What do you aim the darts at?
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How do you win at Darts?

you have to have good aim

In which sport would you aim for the bulls eye?


How do you score in darts on the bullseye?

just aim for the bullseye which is worth 50

What was the medieval ballista used for?

used to aim wood, iron darts, and arrows

Which sports do you aim at a target?

Darts, archery, shuffle board, trap and skeet shooting.

How do you get better darts on cryptids island?

Each time you play a new series, you get darts. The first time, you use some beat-up darts that are harder to aim. When you retunr to play the other two players, you get batter darts. When the first player returns to challenge you, you use some excellent darts.

How do you win in darts?

The point of darts is to hit the middle, the bullseye. The more of those you get, the more points you get!!In one darts game, Cricket, you have to get hit the following numbers three times each:151617181920BullseyeSo, obviously, the way to win darts is to get a good aim and hit either the bullseye in a regular game or 15,16,17,18,19,20 and bullseye three times :)There's also other versions not listed.

How is it to forget the your in love?

you can take a picture of them and stick it on the wall. then take some darts and throw parts at the picture. (i would aim for the middle of the face)

What is different about the Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker?

The Nerf Rebelle is designed to work at an aim of upto 75 feet. It comes complete with 5 darts. It is easy to load at the front to take aim. Then pull back, take aim and fire. This toy is for children aged 8 and over.

How do you throw darts pub cryptid island?

If you plan on getting a bulls eye, then aim a little off and pull back on the dart and let go.

What are target sports?

I'm not 100% sure but I'm guessing they are sports when you aim for a target like archery, darts shooting etc. hop that helps :)

What do you do with new darts on cryptids island?

The darts of better quality will make it easier to aim at the board, but don't affect the mechanics of throwing them. Aim at the board, then click to mark your aiming point (X). Hold down your mouse button as you pull back (dart moves down), then release it to throw. The proper drawback is about halfway to the lower edge of the board, but it can vary.

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