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They go to the. Lockerroom, get naked, and show off their stuff until they have to leave

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They win.

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Q: What do wrestlers do when they have won a wrestling match?
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Which wrestling match fixed?

Every wrestling match is fixed (scripted) but sometimes wrestlers decide to shoot (fight legitimately).

What type of wrestling bout is a tag team match?

A tag team match in wrestling is whereby groups of multiple wrestlers compete. Two wrestlers compete on each team but only one member of each team competes at a time.

Who are the oldest NCAA wrestlers still wrestling or have wrestled and won?

Brock Lesnar

What is a cage match?

In the field of wrestling, a cage match is a match in which wrestlers fight in an enclosed location, and where the aim is to escape over the top of the "cage" to win.

Who had a wrestling match with God and won?


Why do wrestlers restrict fluids and calories to weigh less before a wrestling match?

so there boobs go up there butt

In wrestling what is a strap match?

two wrestlers are strapped together by their wrists. you win by touching all 4 corners of the ring.

How many times has batista won a wrestling match?

Lots of times

What is a buck naked match?

A buck naked match is a wrestling match consisting of 2 fueding female wrestlers, who eventually have to strip their opponent down to nothing. Similar to a bra and panties match except, all the way!!

What kind of pay did wrestlers get after a match?

If you are not in WWF , WCW or TNA you get crappy pay after a match like in the Independant pro wrestling circut I know I am a part time pro wrestler

Is the WWE fake wrestling?

Yes. All the moves are planned pre-match and its all safety checked so the 'wrestlers' dont get injured.

How many wrestlers are there that have joined world wrestling entertainment this year?

zero wrestlers have joined world wrestling entertainment this year.