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Mr Irrelevant

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mr. irrelavent

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Mr. Irrelevant

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Q: What do they call the guy who gets drafted last in the NFL?
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Who was the player in the NFL draft that was drafted last?

Tim toone was drafted last

What is the pay for the last NFL drafted players?

50,000 per game

Who was the last person drafted into the NFL from misssissippi state university?

Brett favre

How many Texas alumni have been drafted into the NFL in the last 10 years?

From 2000-2009, 41 Longhorns have been drafted.

What year was Donovan McNabb drafted into the NFL?

He was drafted into the NFL IN 1999

How would someone be able to get on the NFL team they want if they are not drafted?

they cant they have to be drafted to be in the nfl

In what sport and event do you name someone Mr. Insignificant?

The NFL Draft designates the last player drafted as such.

Who was the last punter picked before Mesko in NFL draft?

Pat McAfee, drafted in the 7th round of the 2009 NFL Draft by the Indianapolis Colts.

Who in the NFL did not get drafted?

Many players have never been drafted.

Who was the last pick in the 1996 nfl draft?

"Mr. Irrelevant", the last pick in the 1996 draft, was New Mexico State LB Sam Manuel. He was drafted by the 49ers. He never went anywhere in the NFL.

How do you tryout for the NFL?

You get drafted

Will you get drafted to the NFL?