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The Scorekeeper writes down the score everytime someone get a rounder or half rounder

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Q: What do the score keeper do in rounders?
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How can you score in rounders?

Home run!!

What is the aim of rounders?

to score a goal

How do you win a game of rounders?

Score more rounders than the other team!

What does a score keeper do in hockey?

He or she keeps score

What is the role of score keeper in badminton?

To keep score.

What is someone who keeps score called?

Score keeper.

Can a keeper score a goal?

A goal keeper has all the privileges of his team-mates and may score a goal.

How do you score half rounders?

by running and stop at second base

What do you do if the score keeper makes a mistake?

The right thing to do is point out the mistake to the score keeper, so the game is fair

Can a keeper score from a goalkick?


What is the tennis score keeper cald?

I'm thinking Tennis Score keeper... and don't worry I actually researched it... -Hope this helps!=)

Can a goal keeper score a goal from a punt?

A goal keeper punt may score a goal. There are no restrictions on this in the FIFA Laws of the Game.

What does goal counts in basketball?

The score keeper changes the score board with the computer. (:

What is the average score of a high school football game?

the score offten depends on if the keeper is any good if you have a good keeper it can be 1-3 goals but a poor keeper can let in as many as 10

Five ways to score in rounders?

You can score runs by obviously gaining rounders. Pointcs can be awarded for penalties, firstly for blocking the runner, or secondly for the bowler doing no-balls. This is all I know for the moment, I'll get back to you.

What are the duties of the score keeper in volleyball?

nothing hahahah

Can a goal keeper score a goal from his position?

Of course.

How do you score a goal when d goalkeeper is out of the box?

how do you score a goal when the goal keeper is out of the box?

How do you get replacement parts for a Harvard Basketball Roll A Score table?

How do i get the score keeper replaced

Who can score in soccer?

Any player on the field can score given the opportunity, even the keeper/goalie.

Who is someone who keeps score at a game?

A score keeper. =D tennis ~ umpire football ~ referee

Who officially scores baseball games?

The Official Score Keeper.

How many bases are there in rounders?

there are 4 bases 1st- you score nothing 2nd-you score half a rounder 3rd-if on that go you have past 2nd you score half a rounder if not then you score nothing 4th-you score a whole rounder (maximum score)

What is machine in bowling alley called that keeps score?

a computerAlso referred to simply as the score keeper or console.

Can a soccer keeper score a goal directly from a kick out of his hands?

A goal may be a scored directly from a goal keeper punt.

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