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number of games

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Q: What do the numbers on the referee's shirts mean?
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What number do football referees wear on their shirts?


What are the men in the black and white shirts called in football?


Why do football referees wear striped shirts?

To stand out from the players

What are the colors of a referees shirt in most American sports?

In American sports, the referees usually wear black and white striped shirts. In the NBA, the officials wear grey shirts.

What does the numbers on cricket shirts mean?

The numbers on cricket shirts refers to player numbers. This is similar to the jersey numbers assigned to the tee shirts of football players. It is used to identify the player who is wearing the tee shirt.

What are the numbers on the shirts of cricketers mean?

It is belongs to the player. It is about his rank.

Why do referees whear white black striped shirts?

The reason referees wear white and black striped shirts was at first to distinguish themselves from the participating teams. Although other uniforms are becoming more popular.

In hockey What does the orange stripe on some referees mean?

They are the referees vs the linesmen.

Why do NFL referees have numbers on their jerseys?

They wear numbers for the same reasons that players do. So they can be identified.

Why do NBA referees have numbers on their jerseys?

It represents to which the number they got drafted.

How much do NFL referees make?

because you are mean

Why do NBA refs have numbers on shirts?

The NBA refs do have numbers on the shirts for identification purposes so that all the calls that they make can be documented.

How are the numbers chosen for NHL referees?

They chose their own numbers. When a new referee/linesman begins reffing the nhl, he gets to choose one that's not already taken. The referees have numbers from 2 to 49. The linesmen from 50 to 98. Number 1 and 99 are retired and cannot be chosen.

Why do NFL referees wear orange and white striped shirts?

The NFL is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the American football league, and they started out wearing orange and white

How many referees are there in badminton?

2 referees

Edward Cullen's number on baseball shirt?

they do not have numbers on their shirts.

How many NBA referees are there?

there are three referees in the NBA.

What is a professional referees salary?

depends on what country he referees in

Is Tom Brady the best football player ever?

No he is not, he may have good numbers but he is a wimp who gets referees to look out for him.

How do you get iron on numbers off football shirts?

put the iron straight on the numbers then it will come straight off :)

Why are there numbers on shirts?

Some for design, some for the year they founded, etc.

How many referees in college football?

There are 7 referees in a game.

How many referees in the handball game?

i think there are four referees.

What does order ref mean?

order referees so u can love them with all your heart

What is the history of the black and white stripes on referee's shirt?

The history of the black and white stripes on referees shirts is due to the fact that they are a neutral official used to oversee the sport in question.