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It depends which sport they are talking about really. But one rule that appears in most sports is that there should be no hurting of other competitors.

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Q: What do the national govening of sport say about fair play?
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What is the national sport in Canada?

The national sport in Canada is play Minecraft

Identity 5 fair play strategies that enhance sport participation?

5 fair play strategies

Is sport overrated?

Yes and No. When you play fair, it isn't.

What is fair play in sport?

it means it is a friendly match

What is canadas national sport?

lacrosse is our national sport even though we play hockey more. But after 1994 hockey became our witer national sport and lacrosse our summer national sport

What is Vietnam 's national sport?

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What does it take to be a good sport?

To be a good sport, you need to respect your others, play a fair game and have faith in your self and others

Is Soccer a national or international sport?

It is the national sport of many countries, and because there are teams from many countries that play each other at many levels, it is an international sport.

How can fair play be promoted in sport?

Each team should get fairplay points for their fairplay and those points should be added to their ratings which will make them play in a fair manner

Is it ok to ask a national coach to watch you play your sport?

Well it's okay for a national coach to watch you play a sport if you're any good at it. So if you're good at a sport go ahead and show off.

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