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The stars represent how many times a team has won the World Cup.

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Q: What do the gold stars mean on world cup shirts?
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What do the 4000 gold stars mean in the world war 2 memorial?

the gold stars in the world war 2 memorial represent family sacrifice.

What did gold stars in windows mean during World War 2?

A family member had died in the Armed Forces.

What do blue and gold star tattoos mean?

That the person who gets it likes stars and the colors blue and gold...

What do the gold stars mean on nfl captains patch?

the stars represent the amount of years he's been captain. Each gold star is a year hes been captain

What do the white and gold stars on an NFL jersey mean?

The stars on NFL jerseys simply means the person assigned that jersey is a captain. The number of stars is the amount of years they have been a captain.

What is the three gold stars on inter milan jersey mean?

means the 3 European cups i think

What did gold stars in front windows mean during world war 2?

It meant that a family member had died in the service. These little banners could be purchased, with one, two, three or four blue stars, to show how many were in the service. If one was killed, you'd need a new banner with a gold star, and another with blue stars for any remaining family members in the service. There is still a national organization of Gold Star Mothers.

What do the Gold stars on the Bayern Munich jersey mean?

Each gold star on Bayern's jersey represent 5 bundesligas (a professional association soccer league in Germany), so the 4 stars are for 20 German championships.

Where did the world gold come from?

the 'word' gold comes from the latin term 'golde'. Did you mean 'word'? the 'word' gold comes from the latin term 'golde'. Did you mean 'word'?

What does las estrellas del mundo hispano mean?

The stars of the Hispanic world.

What did silver stars in window mean during World War 2?

blue star -service member gold star death of service member no silver star in window -- only medal for valor

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