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the stars represent the amount of years he's been captain. Each gold star is a year hes been captain

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Q: What do the gold stars mean on nfl captains patch?
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What does after patch mean?

It Mean That if a Glitch is patch you can do it after that patch

What do the 4000 gold stars mean in the world war 2 memorial?

the gold stars in the world war 2 memorial represent family sacrifice.

What do blue and gold star tattoos mean?

That the person who gets it likes stars and the colors blue and gold...

What does man of the match mean in rugby?

At the end of the game, the captains will usually pick the best player from the other team and award them with a shirt, patch, etc. It's like naming an MVP of the game.

What do the gold stars mean on world cup shirts?

The stars represent how many times a team has won the World Cup.

What do the patches on the front of the jerseys mean today like - Eli's red and gold patch with the C that is underlined with stars and the Patriots MHK?

MHK is in honor of Mr. Kraft's wife who died this year. Kraft owns the Patriots and is highly respected by his players and staff.

What does it mean when there is gold around a boyscout rank patch?

It means that it was awarded in 2010. 2010 was the 100th anniversary of scouting. It has no other meaning.

What does PCH mean'?

Pirates captains hat

What does cabbage patch mean?

A cabbage patch is a garden. Cabbages are grown in a cabbage patch.

What is the three gold stars on inter milan jersey mean?

means the 3 European cups i think

What do the Gold stars on the Bayern Munich jersey mean?

Each gold star on Bayern's jersey represent 5 bundesligas (a professional association soccer league in Germany), so the 4 stars are for 20 German championships.

What does C represent on an NFL jersey?

The "C" is like the captain in hockey. There will be anywhere from one to four captains on a team. A team is allowed five captains with only four speaking, hence the four stars on a jersey. If a player has one star in yellow, he is one of four captains. Peyton Manning has three stars because he is the speaking captain with the other captain being on defense.