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Five colours (or five rings) represent the five continents on Earth.

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Q: What do the colors of Olympics flag represent?
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The Olympics flag has five of these?

The Olympic flag has five rings. These rings, along with their five different colors, represent the international flavor of the Olympics. Specifically, they represent the colors on the flags of the participating countries in the 1912 Olympics.

What do the colors represent on the Peru' flag?

The colors on the Peru' flag represent the animals that fought for their people.

What do the colors on the norwegan flag represent?

a flag

What Do The Colors On A Flag Represent?

The colors on a flag represent different things depending on what country the flag belongs too. Do you have a specific flag that you are asking about?

What do the colors on the Sweden flag represent?

Here is a link that should explain exactly what the colors of the Sweden flag represent.

What colors do Indians represent?

the colors of the india flag

What do the colors of the Russian war flag represent?


What do the colors of the Bolivia flag represent?

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What do the Olympic colors on the rings rings represent?

The different colors in the Olympic flag represent different nationality. The reason it has different colors is because it means any country, or person can be in the Olympics no matter what their color, race, or country.

What do the colors yellow and green on the Brazilian flag represent?

Brazils flag colors represent the green and gold Brazilian Beetle.

What does all the colors on the andorra flag represent?

the flag colors were taken from Spain and France

What is symbolic about the colors on the flag?

The colors on a flag represent what kinds of food a country produces.

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