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All they have to do is WIN win win win win and no doubt they'll get there ;-)

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Q: What do the New Zealand All Whites have to do to qualify for the 2010 Football World Cup?
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Is New Zealand in this years football world cup?

They are not in the 2014 FIFA World Cup finals, but did qualify for the 1982 and 2010 finals.

When did Ryan nelson become all whites captain?

Hi, Ryan Nelson's debut for New Zealand All Whites was in 1999. He did not play for New Zealand from 2004-2008. He captained the NZ U-23 squad for their first appearance at the Olympics as one of the 3 over-aged players. Nelson captained the New Zealand Football Team, the All Whites when they qualified for the 2010 Football World Cup. Hope this helped :)

What group are the All Whites in at the World Cup?

New Zealand (All Whites) is in Group F. Group F: Paraguay, Italy, New Zealand, Slovakia

What region did new zealand qualify in for soccer world cup?


Did New Zealand qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

New Zealand did not qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, having lost to Mexico in the OFC/CONCACAF qualification play-off.

Which host country had to qualify for Football World Cup?

Host countries automatically qualify for the World Cup when hosting it.

When did Pakistan football team qualify in football world cup?

Pakistan Never qualified :|

Does New Zealand take part in the Fifa world cup?

Yes, if they qualify.

How do you qualify for a netball game?

you beat the other teams to qualify, like CWC or football world cup.....

Who is the captain of the all whites of 2010 FIFA World Cup?

Ryan Nelsen is the captain of New Zealand (All Whites) in 2010 FIFA World cup.

What African team was the first to qualify for a World Cup Football final?

The first African country to qualify for the world cup was Cameroon.

How many times has New Zealand won the world cup?

0New Zealand have never won the football World Cup.

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